Penalties vs. Filters in .NET

Generate Data Matrix in .NET Penalties vs. Filters
Penalties vs. Filters
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Many SEOs and webmasters that I have talked to lump penalties and filters into the same category. Though these anti-spam methods have similar effects, they are actually fundamentally different. Penalties tend to be very severe. Many of them are implemented after manual review from search engine representatives. They are difficult to reverse and normally affect many pages on a website. Filters are different. They are usually triggered by algorithmic detection and are less severe than penalties. Many times they can be identified by standardized decreases in rank (for example, negative 50 positions). The big takeaway is that both filters and penalties exist and when encountered should be taken seriously. Do not simply assume they will go away without you doing any work to fix them.
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Link Building Techniques
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Acquiring additional inbound links is the common solution that helps solve most of the problems that SEOs run up against. To make this difficult task a little easier for you, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite link
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building techniques. Not all of these techniques work for all people, but the list is long enough that you can almost undoubtedly find a technique that works for your case.
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Most of the problems SEOs run up against can be addressed by adding inbound links.
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Low-Risk Link Building Techniques
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Start a blog: Your life is a story. Building a blog is extremely easy,
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and if you are able to find a way to differentiate yourself, you will have a limitless supply of link opportunities. Find something that you think other people (not just yourself) will find interesting and share it with the world. (Creating a business blog is similarly helpful if you are part of a large organization. Getting content approved adds some bureaucratic headaches, but it can be worth it if you stick with it. An honest, insightful blog about the inside of a corporation is relatively rare and is rewarded with quality links.) Help bloggers: Bloggers are great link suppliers. It is a natural part of their job. Y can tap into this by helping them find the information ou they need. The easiest way to do this is to find recent articles where the blogger has made a mistake and send a polite e-mail with the correction. Many times the blogger will choose to link back to you out of appreciation. Sign up for HARO (Help A Reporter Out): Similarly, you can help online reporters do their job. This service connects reporters and content producers with the people who can answer their questions. You can be the expert they are looking to interview. Contact business partners: If you are running a business, you will undoubtedly have business partners. These partners will likely have links. Consider taking a link rather than payment for a simple task with a partner.
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You can make this process easier by providing customers with the code to do this.
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Ask customers: No one likes your products more than your
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customers (after all, they paid money for them). Many times these customers have websites or blogs of their own. Try including a polite request for a link in receipts and confirmation e-mails. Ask friends and family: Just like your customers, your friends and family likely have websites or blogs. These are some of the easiest links to acquire because the providers are likely to be more willing to help than general strangers.
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Find links that your competition has and request linkers to consider your site: This tactic is good for two reasons.
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First, the links are easy to find with tools like HubFinder and SEOmoz PRO. Second, these links will be considered relevant by the search engines because they are all from the same Internet neighborhood. Write articles and submit them to content aggregators: Many services online need content. Specifically, I have heard good things about After building up a reputation at these websites, feel free to include some links to your website when relevant. Offer to write a guest blog post: In my experience, professional bloggers always feel the need to post new content. Many times, they are willing to post other people s guest posts to fill this need. This has the benefit of building your credibility and link profile. Do charity work and ask for a link in return: This is a win-win situation. Y get to help a charity with its website and you get a link ou from a trusted domain. Code a simple calculator: Calculators are deceptively simple to code in either JavaScript or PHP. Pick an equation that you know (human years to dog years, weeks to plant petunias, time to cook the perfect turkey based on size, price of a car after depreciation, and so on), build or contract someone to build the calculator, and optimize the page so it ranks for the term. People love to link to helpful resources. Write a how-to: Odds are you know how to do something that other people don t. Be it sewing a button, or optimizing engines, how-tos
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are great link getters. Write a tutorial: Similarly, to how-tos, tutorials are excellent link getting sources. Tutorials tend to be more technical than how-tos, which is great because more technical readers are more likely to link. Make a screencast: Screencasts are the lazy man s tutorial. They are easy to create (Quicktime 10 has a screen recorder built in) and even easier to consume. Also, due to their file size, they are more likely to be linked to rather than flat out copied. Make or host a funny video: This is easy to do and has the potential to spread virally.
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NOTE Don t host the video on Vimeo or YouTube, because you won t get the link benefits. Instead, sign up for Amazon Web Services (relatively inexpensive cloud computing) and host it yourself. Make sure that the video is embedded on a URL you own, not one owned by Amazon. (Amazon doesn t need any more links.)
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