Fixing Duplicate Content in .NET

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Fixing Duplicate Content
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Duplicate content is one of the most widespread SEO problems on the Internet. It is so much of a problem that the search engines have created a tool (rel="canonical") to help deal with the problem.
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Content appears on multiple URLs on either the same domain or on different domains.
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1. First you need to find all of the offending duplicate content. Choose a
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random string of text on the given page. In quotes, search for that phrase in the engines: Aspx gs1 datamatrix barcode encodingin .net
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Alternatively, you can use the site command and search for the exact URL or use the intitle command and search for the exact title tag in quotes:
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Figure 5-1 shows an example of what you probably see. Notice how these results for Facebook s domain are showing multiple versions of the same content. All of these URLs contain duplicate content. The site and intitle technique works to find duplicate versions of distinct URLs, typically illustrated by the inclusion of dynamic parameters after the filename. In some cases, however, the duplicate content will live on different base URLs and will not be caught by listing a full URL after the site command. To catch all suspicious forms of duplicate content on your site regardless of URL, it s often effective to simply show the URL of the home page after the site command, as shown here:
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Figure 5-1: A Google SERP showing Facebook with duplicate content
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2 . The best way to solve duplicate content problems is to use the
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<link rel="canonical" href=" awesome.php item=bacon" />
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This tag acts as a strong hint to the search engines to help them make sense of duplicate content. Insert this code into the <head> of offending pages and this problem will largely be solved.
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NOTE Check your canonical code carefully or suffer the consequences. You ll probably use an automated system to add a canonical URL that strips extraneous parameters. Be sure it actually strips those parameters before it writes to the <head> section of your code. It does no good to add a canonical URL code line if the HREF value is the long, parameter-showing version that you want to avoid having indexed.
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TIP When engines combine forces to combat a problem such as duplicate content, it s worthwhile to pay attention. This is their
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acknowledgment that their algorithms are imperfect and need external assistance. In general, effort spent on helping your content conform to what engines are looking for and helping them overcome their own deficiencies will create opportunities for your site.
3 . Sometimes you will run into a situation where you are not able to
implement the rel="canonical" tag. I see this most often with legacy Content Management Systems, which are commonly built without regard to SEO. If this happens, it is best to either add the robots meta tag with "noindex, follow" to the offending pages (hard to do without accidently noindexing the canonical version of the page) or implement 301 redirects in an .htaccess file (Apache), as shown in Figure 5-2.
<meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">
Figure 5-2: An .htaccess file 301 redirecting a page
4. If the duplicate content is caused by session IDs or tracking code in
URLs, you can supply Google with the patterns to ignore (for example,
tracking-parameter=123). This
is accomplished through Google Webmaster
When you choose a setting within a certain engine s webmaster tools, the change applies only to how that specific engine views your pages. That s different from a change you make to your actual site, which affects how all engines view your site.
I have had only mediocre results with this tactic.
NOTE Yahoo came out with a parameter-handling tool 2 years earlier than Google did. Unfortunately, the concept didn t get a lot of attention until Google made its tool.
5. The other common situation I see is when the duplicate content is on
third-party sites. In this case, you can simply ask the offenders to remove the content with a polite e-mail. 6. Alternatively, you can ask the other webmaster to simply link back to your article. This helps the search engines understand where the original copy of the document is located and in some cases can actually improve your popularity metrics. 7. If a polite e-mail doesn t work and both websites are in the United States you can send a DMCA takedown notice (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). I have seen this work successfully on two occasions.