Page Indexed and Ranking Well in .NET

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Page Indexed and Ranking Well
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Though this isn t exactly a problem, it is not necessarily the final goal. What is better than ranking number 1 Ranking 1 through 10.
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A given page is targeted for a term, but it ranks much better for a different term.
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1. To get more positive mentions of the given page in the given SERP,
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try linking out to relevant articles that mention the given URL. Many times this will add the linked-to URLs to a given SERP and effectively make your URL dominate the given SERP. For example, if you are trying to shape the SERP for a new product, try linking to positive external articles that review the product and point to the product page. I usually do this under a section labeled Media Mentions. data matrix barcode developmenton .net
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Used sparingly, subdomains can prove helpful for SEO.
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subdomains can prove helpful for SEO (internationalization is one good example). If the given website has enough ranking power, it is possible to get several different subdomains on a given domain to rank for a given term. The best way to do this is to create a relevant subdomain and point as many links to it as possible.
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WARNING Overdoing this tactic can lead to penalties. Making subdomains simply to catch exact match queries is an old spam tactic that has diluted power today.
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If you have a URL for a specific product, it can be helpful to create a slight variation on it as a subdomain. For example, might be a landing page for the product and might be the place you actually download it from. (Again, use this tactic sparingly as it is helpful only for very powerful domains that use it judiciously.) 3. Another solution for owning all of the results for a given search term is to create what is a called a microsite. A microsite is a separate domain (usually containing a domain name that is an exact match for a given query) that has content on a very specific topic. This tactic can be helpful for controlling multiple results on a SERP. One example of this is Open Site Explorer. This tool, which was created by SEOmoz, is located at rather than This URL was chosen so that rather than piggybacking
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on the domain strength of, the tool gained its own links on its own domain, allowing SEOmoz to control two strong domains. This is helpful for rankings because the major search engines will show both of these results ( and for search queries when appropriate. 4. Even if you own all of the results on a page, you can still occupy more screen real estate. Buying ads from the search engines is an extremely effective tactic for getting relevant clicks. If you have not experimented with paid search engine ads, you should try to see how well it works for your niche.
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Buying the Websites of Competition
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If you can t beat them, buy them. In fact, even if you can beat them, it is sometimes worth it to buy the websites of your competition. Remember that roughly 90 percent of clicks go to the first three results on a SERP. Depending on your niche, it may be financially worthwhile to buy websites from your competition. Despite what this book often discusses about redirecting properly, this is one instance in which you should not redirect. You don t get more SERP real estate if you buy a domain simply to roll it into another domain. (You ll make your domain stronger by doing so, but you ll lose the chance of having more of your domains show up in results.)
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Fixing Relevancy Problems
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Now that you know how to fix the most common popularity problems, you are ready to learn how to fix some relevancy problems. Y can rest easy; ou most of these are easier to solve.
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