Fixing Popularity Problems in .NET

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Fixing Popularity Problems
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The following popularity-related problems are almost always caused by a lack of links. These page problems are generally easy to identify but require a lot of work to fix.
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Page Not Indexed Symptoms
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A given page does not appear for any search result in a specific engine.
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1. First, verify that the webpage really is not indexed by using the site or
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info command in combination with the exact URL:
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If no results are returned, the page really isn t indexed. 2. Next, check to see if the search engine crawlers are being blocked from the page. Be sure to check both robots.txt and the meta robots tag on the given page. (I have seen this happen many times.) robots.txt is located at Meta robot is located in the <head> of the document and takes the form
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<meta name="robots" content="follow,index">
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You are looking to avoid noindex as a parameter. If the page is blocked, simply remove the applicable line of code and wait for the engines to recrawl the page.
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You can use the Firefox User Agent Switcher mentioned in 3 to visit a site as a search engine spider.
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3 . If the pages don t appear to be blocked and the page is still not
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indexed, try visiting the page while spoofing the user agent of the popular search engines. Sometimes, intentional or unintentional cloaking can prevent a page from being crawled.
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NOTE User agent spoofing is an effective way to mimic a search engine most of the time. Sometimes, however, servers react to IP addresses or other factors, not user agents. Viewing your server logs is the single most effective way to see how your server reacts to engine visits.
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4. If the page is not indexed and the bots are not blocked, the problem is
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almost always caused by the domain not having enough links to get all of its pages indexed. The easiest way to fix this problem is make sure that the website has a proper information hierarchy. Your goal is to make it so there are as few clicks (on navigational links) as possible between the homepage of the domain and the unindexed page.
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5. Find a random string of copy on your page and perform a Google
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search for that string in quotes. Y might find a duplicate version of your ou URL from your site (or another site) that is considered more authoritative than your URL and that it has caused your page to not be indexed. 6. If improving the information hierarchy of the website is not an option, you can try adding a sitemap to the website if it doesn t already have one. Sometimes this proves to be the tool the search engines need to fully navigate a website.
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There are two distinct types of sitemaps HTML (the traditional type with the look and feel of a regular site page) and XML (a long list of your site s URLs that users won t see). Having both can result in improved indexing.
7. The last solution is also the most effective. The best way to get a page
indexed is to get it more links. Internal links (links coming from the same domain) are good, external links are better, but a combination of both is the best. Assuming the page and domain are not affected by penalties and there is content to crawl on the page, building more external links (links from other domains) will almost certainly get the page indexed. Y ou can do this by using the tactics listed in the section titled Link Building Techniques later in this chapter.
Page Indexed but Not Ranking Well Symptoms
A given page does rank for terms but is suspiciously low in the results.
1. If you run into this scenario, the first thing I suggest you check is the
competition. Check their link profile (popularity) and page makeup (relevancy) and figure out why they are ranking above your client.
Many times you can use the same tactics they are using to boost your ranking and combine them with your own tricks to outrank them.
To do this, I recommend identifying their link profile with either SEO Book s HubFinder (a tool that helps you find related sites in online niches) or SEOmoz s PRO tools (a group of tools that show you how your niche on the Internet ranks and gives you specific suggestions on how to rank higher). I also recommend analyzing the competitor s page for relevancy factors with SEO Browser or SEOmoz s mozBar. 2. If you don t see any obvious reason why the competition is outranking the given page, check to see if the page is being penalized. (See 4 for a discussion of search engine penalties). If it looks like the page is being penalized, follow the steps in the section Fixing Penalties later in this chapter. 3. If the competition does not have a noticeable advantage and the page is not being penalized, the solution might be improving the domain s information hierarchy so that the page is internally linked to more prominently. Remember, the best hierarchies are the ones with as few clicks (via navigational links) as possible between the homepage and any given page. (Remember the link pyramid mentioned in 2.) This is because link juice is diluted each time it flows through a link. 4. If the previous solutions don t help, I recommend focusing on making the page more relevant to the given term. Be sure that the term is included in all of the important SEO places. (See 2 and 6 for more information.) 5. If all else fails, you will need to get more external links to the webpage. In fact, this solution will prove more effective than any of the others on this list. Links are ranking power.