See roughly how many pages are indexed of the given website. in .NET

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See roughly how many pages are indexed of the given website.
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The second action item is also very easy to do. Go to either of the major search engines and use the site command (as defined in 3) to find roughly all of the pages of a domain that are indexed in the engine. For example, this may look like This action is important because the difference between the number that gets returned and the number of pages that actually exist on a site says a lot about how healthy a domain is in a search engine. If you find more pages in the index than exist on the page, you are facing a duplicate content problem. If you find more pages on the actual site than you find in the index, you are facing an indexation problem. Both are bad.
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Search three of the most competitive keywords for which this domain likely ranks.
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The next action item is a quick exercise to see how well the given website is optimized. To get an idea of this, simply search for three of the most competitive terms that you think the given website would reasonably rank for. Y can speed up this process by using one of the ou third-party rank trackers that are available.
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CROSSREF I recommend SEOmoz s Rank Tracker, or see the other tools listed in 3.
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Choose a random content page and search the engines for duplicate content.
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The final action item is to do a quick search for duplicate content. Y ou can do this by going to a random content page on the given website and searching for either the title tag (in quotes) or the first sentence of the page (also in quotes). If there are more than two results from the given domain, then there are duplicate content problems. This situation is bad because the website is forced to compete against itself for ranking. In doing so it forces the search engine to decide which page is more valuable. This decision-making process is something that is best avoided because it is difficult to predict the outcome.
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Duplicate content problems result in a website competing against itself
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for ranking and leave the decision of which page on the website is more valuable in the hands of the search engines.
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The 5-Minute Brand Reputation Audit
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Many years ago branding was simply the act of marking one s cattle with a unique identifier so that they could quickly be sorted and would be difficult to steal. With the arrival of big corporations and the maturation of marketing, branding has evolved into something much more. Today, companies like Pepsi Cola spend hundreds of millions annually on their branding and marketing campaigns. With the popularity of search engines growing, SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) have started to gain ground in these budgets. The following is a guide on how to perform an online brand reputation audit, which is necessary for measuring these growing resources.
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Using the Brand Search Engine Result Page
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Whenever I see top search query lists, I am always surprised at how often people search for exact domain names or brands. It is for this reason that the brand search engine result page (SERP) is so useful. The following actions can help you identify what improvements might be necessary for a branded term search result page.
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Search for the brand name in the major search engines.
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To complete the first action item all you need to search for is the brand name of the given company. This will bring up a results page with about 10 results and some ads. This is one of the most important pages about the given company, and many otherwise smart company executives don t pay attention to it. For many searchers, this will be the front door to information about the company. Google knows this fact and has crafted algorithms to take advantage of it. Upon analyzing the SERP for a wellknown brand name, you may notice some seemingly unusual results. This is because Google s brand-specific algorithms intentionally show more diverse results than they do for a normal search. These results tend to include reviews and websites that share opposing views.
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To give you some context, the ideal brand search result page would have all of the following:
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An ideal brand search result page means no matter which link searchers click, they end up on a company-approved page.
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The main domain would have Sitelinks, a group of Google chosen links to primary sections of the given website in search engine results. (Figure 4-3).
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