Checking for Optimized Category Pages and Subcategory Pages in .NET

Maker data matrix barcodes in .NET Checking for Optimized Category Pages and Subcategory Pages
Checking for Optimized Category Pages and Subcategory Pages
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After finishing with the homepage, you need to start diving deeper into the website. In the waterway analogy, category and subcategory pages (if applicable to the website in question) are the forks in the paths of the website. As I have mentioned before in this book, these pages are the main pathways for a website s link juice. They help make it so that if one page (most often the homepage) gets a lot of links, the rest of the pages
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on the website can also get some of the benefit. Y can make sure they ou are optimized by doing the following:
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Category and subcategory pages actually stand a better chance of ranking for highly competitive phrases than their more common children content pages.
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Make sure there is enough content on these pages to be useful as a search result alone.
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The first action point requires you to make a judgment call on whether the page would be useful as a search result. This goes with my philosophy that every page on a website should be at least a little bit link-worthy. (It should pay its own rent, so to speak.) Because each page has the inherent ability to collect links, webmasters should put at least a minimal amount of effort into making every page link worthy. There is no problem with someone entering a site (from a search engine result or other thirdparty site) on a category or subcategory page. In fact, it may save them a click and lower your abandonment rate. To complete this step, identify if this page alone would be useful for someone with a relevant query: Is there helpful content on the page to provide context (Specifically, is there content on the page that would be worthy of a realistic search query Does the page supply an information demand ) Is there a design element breaking up the monotony of a large list of links (Is the page pleasing to the eye and easy to parse ) Take notes on the answers to both of these questions.
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Find and note extraneous links on the page (there shouldn t be more than 150 links).
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The next action item is to identify extraneous links on the page. Remember, 2 discussed that the amount of link value a given link can pass is dependent on the number of links on the page. To maximize the benefit of these pages, it is important to remove any extraneous links. Going back to my waterway analogy, these types of links are the equivalent of canals to nowhere.
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Take notes on how to improve the anchor text used for the subcategories/content pages.
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To complete the last action item of this section, you will need to take notes on how to better optimize the anchor text of the links on this page. Ideally, they should be as specific as possible. For example, if the given category page is about dogs and the subcategory page is about English Springer Spaniels, the anchor text for these sections should be Dogs and English Springer Spaniels respectively. This helps the search engines and users identify what the target pages are about.
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The Importance of Category and Subcategory Pages
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Many people don t realize that category and subcategory pages actually stand a better chance of ranking for highly competitive phrases than their more common children content pages. If done well, these pages will have links from all of their children content pages (popularity), the website s homepage (popularity), and provide a lot of information about a specific topic (relevancy). Combine this with the fact that each link that goes to one of its children content pages also helps the given page and you have a great pyramid structure (see Figure 4-2) for ranking success.
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Figure 4-2: Diagram of category pages in relation to the rest of a site s
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Auditing Content Pages
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Now that you have analyzed the homepage and the navigational pages, it is time to audit the meat of the website, the content pages. To do this, you need to complete the following:
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