Figure 3-14: Firefox Web Developer s toolbar in .NET

Encoding Data Matrix 2d barcode in .NET Figure 3-14: Firefox Web Developer s toolbar
Figure 3-14: Firefox Web Developer s toolbar
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Basically, I use this tool when I want to mimic the behavior of the search engine s crawlers
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Key Data Points
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The key data you are dealing with when you work with this tool are not those you want to see, but rather those you want to disable: Disable JavaScript: The script is a runtime scripting language that is useful for creating more interactive websites. Unfortunately, current search engines have difficulty parsing this language, and as of the time of writing, it can t be relied on from an SEO perspective. The Web Developer add-on has an option for disabling JavaScript, which is helpful to give you a better understanding of how the search engines see the website. In addition, because Flash is typically
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spawned from a JavaScript directive, disabling JavaScript usually shows a webpage without Flash elements running, which is a more accurate way of seeing a page the way an engine does. Disable Meta Redirect: One trick that many spammers use is instant meta redirects (such as the meta refresh ). These are used to redirect users from the page they intended to see to a page that is more lucrative for the webmaster. Because these aren t always obvious, it can be helpful to disable them so your browser s behavior is closer to that of the search engine crawlers. The search engine crawlers detect when a meta redirect is in place, and if your browser automatically follows them, this can be hard to uncover. Disable Cookies: Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer after you visit specific websites. These are useful for storing information like login credentials so that you don t need to log in every time you visit the given website. Unfortunately, this technology doesn t work very well with the search engine crawlers. Disabling cookies via this add-on is another good way to more accurately mimic the search engine crawlers. The most common SEO problem I see with cookies is websites storing the language version of a site after a user selects it from a splash page. (A splash page is a page the users see that ask them to perform a simple action. Examples of this include choosing their preferred language, verifying they are 18 or older, or choosing a color theme. Usually after users select this option once, it is stored in a cookie and they never see this page again.) Since the search engines don t crawl with cookies enabled, they never can skip the splash page, and all links going to the homepage are credited to the splash page. Since splash pages usually don t have enough content to rank well, it ruins the chances for the website to rank well. Disable CSS: The last key option on this add-on is the ability to disable CSS. CSS is used for formatting the visual components of a website. This includes layout, color, positioning, and some behavior. As you can imagine, CSS can be manipulated in many ways to fool the search engines, such as hiding content under other layers of content, positioning text outside the visible
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area of the screen, and making text invisible. As such, it is best to disable it when surfing like the major crawlers. The most common example of search engine manipulation using CSS that I see is hidden links. This can be done either by manually positioning a link off the viewable portion of a screen or by simply hiding an entire div (section of a website). Disabling CSS allows you to see what the page looks like without these manipulations and makes it easier to find out why a page is being penalized.
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Disabling CSS is another way for you to see what the page looks like from the perspective of the crawlers, which can make your job of finding out why a page is being penalized easier. data matrix ecc200 implementon .net
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