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Fetch as Googlebot
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This is Google s version of a header checker, and it s quite similar to a long-time favorite tool of SEOs, Rex Swain s HTTP Viewer (http://rexswain.com/httpview.html). Insert a URL from your site, and select whether you want it checked by Google s main crawler ( Web ) or by its mobile crawler ( XHTML or cHTML ). Check back in a minute or two, and if Google has crawled the page, there will be a link called Success that you can click to see the code Google crawled. This tool is very helpful for ensuring that your pages are showing the correct HTTP header code (200, 302, 301, and so on), and it s especially helpful for testing your site s mobile device detection and redirection. For example, testing your desktop site as Google s mobile crawler will help you know whether mobile devices are being redirected correctly to mobile
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Site Performance
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The Site Performance report shows a graph of random page-load times from your site over the last several months. Google has arbitrarily defined slow as the slowest 80 percent of sites on the Internet, and fast as the fastest 20 percent. This means your site could perform in the top 22nd percentile and still be considered slow by Google standards. Consequently, I recommend that you don t pay a lot of attention to those labels. Instead, pay attention to spikes that relate to your pages loading more slowly, and try to determine whether it s feasible to trim your load times. Further, the report offers suggestions about how to cut the load time of your pages, including offering specific predictions about how enabling compression, combining and externalizing JavaScript and CSS files, and minimizing DNS lookups will affect the size of your pages.
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Video Sitemaps
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This report is similar to the Sitemaps report in the Site Configuration section of GWT, except its purpose is to diagnose and report on video content found in XML sitemaps. Currently the reports show very little information other than listing all of your existing XML feeds.
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Relevancy Determining Tools
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As mentioned in 1, relevancy makes up a huge part of the search engine algorithms. As a result of this, SEO companies have developed tools to help make determining relevancy easier. The three I use the most often are Dave Naylor s Keyword Density Tool, SEOmoz s Term Target Tool, and Ranks.nl Keyword Density & Prominence Analyzer.
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NOTE The name of these tools is a misnomer. The metric keyword density by itself is not actually important to search engines. Don t let that confuse you; these tools are actually very helpful for determining how relevant a webpage is to a given keyword from a search engine
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algorithm perspective.
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Dave Naylor s Keyword Density Tool: This tool is available at
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http://tools.davidnaylor.co.uk/keyworddensity/ and is shown in Figure 3-6.
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Figure 3-6: Dave Naylor s Keyword Density Tool
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With Dave Naylor s Keyword Density Tool you can see metrics about the content and technical information about a given website. This is tremendously helpful for spotting potential spam signals (a specific keyword is used 300 times on a page whereas keywords are usually used 10 times on similar pages) and technical problems (a page is returning a 404 HTTP status code). SEOmoz s Term Target Tool: This tool is available at www.seomoz.org/term-target and is shown in Figure 3-7.
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Figure 3-7: SEOmoz s Term Target Tool
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SEOmoz s Term Target Tool helps determine how targeted a particular page is for a specified keyword by analyzing a variety of search engine related factors. Ranks.nl Keyword Density & Prominence Analyzer: This tool is available at www.ranks.nl/tools/spider.html and is shown in Figure 3-8.
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Figure 3-8: Ranks.nl Keyword Density and Prominence Analyzer
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Ranks.nl Keyword Density & Prominence Analyzer is a robust tool that outputs a large variety of search engine metrics for a specified page. It is shows more raw data than the other tools listed in this section, so it is good for data junkie SEOs.
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NOTE Ranks.nl Keyword Density & Prominence Analyzer shows more raw data than the other tools listed in this section.
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I use these tools when I want to: See how relevant a page is to a specific keyword Save time while building client reports (I use the data from these tools in my reports) Gain a search engine crawler perspective on a webpage