Robots.txt Errors in .NET

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Robots.txt Errors
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There are a few things to watch out for while testing your robots.txt file. First, when you declare a sitemap location, a result of Valid Sitemap reference detected means only that the location of the file is valid, not necessarily the file itself. In other words, the URL that you gave as your sitemap location does exist. To know whether the XML is valid, you need to check the Sitemaps report. If your robots.txt file was encoded as UTF-16, your Parse results section might show you a question mark as the first character in your file. This is a byte-order mark (BOM), and it usually renders the robots.txt file s first line incomprehensible for Google. Resave as UTF-8, re-upload, and you should be fine.
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Generate a custom robots.txt file: This pane will help you write a
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custom robots.txt file based on the actions, specific robots, and specific directories and/or files you want to control access to. Keep in mind that for any non-Google crawlers, you need to come prepared with the robot s user agent name. When you re done feeding it the roles, Google will create and let you download a file tailored to your needs, which you ll then need to upload to your server. Remove URLs: If you have certain URLs that appear in SERPs and you need them out of the index sooner than a 404 will accomplish it, use this tool. However, before it will work, you must first show Google (through a robots.txt file, meta robots tag, or 404 header code) that the content should not be indexed. Remember that this tool simply removes URLs from Google s index; it does not remove them from your server.
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This section shows the Sitelinks that Google has bestowed on your site for the home page and possibly other interior pages too. From this report, you can block individual Sitelinks so that they no longer appear on SERPs. Blocking a specific Sitelink does not remove the specific URL from the Google index; it ensures only that for queries in which Sitelinks appear, that specific link will not appear on the SERP.
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WARNING Weigh your options carefully while deciding whether to block Sitelinks. Remember that while you can block any Sitelinks you want, you cannot tell Google what link you would like Google to show in its place, and you can t even ensure that it will show anything at all. For example, if you block two of eight Sitelinks, Google may replace one or both Sitelinks with different Sitelinks, or it may simply show the remaining six.
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Change of Address
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The Change of Address tool is a supplement used when you re moving your site to a new or different domain. It does not take the place of oldfashioned 301 redirects from your old site to your new one, but it represents an additional signal for Google to help process the migration and is supposed to make the SERP transition faster for new URLs. To use this tool, you must have both old and new domains verified through GWT and set up the 301s ahead of time. After those items are complete, you can use this tool to select the new domain that you re moving to.
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NOTE Currently, the Change of Address tool works only for root-level domains. In other words, your old and new sites must be either the www version or have no subdomain at all to be eligible for this tool to work.
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The Settings area has two sections: General settings: This tab lets you send Google three important signals about your content: Geographic target: Use this to have URLs from your site appear in search results for only one country. The default is unchecked, which means your site can, in theory, appear for results in any country. Preferred domain: Use this section to tell Google whether you prefer the www or non- www version of your URLs to appear in SERPs. This report is overridden by more overt actions like 301 redirects you perform yourself.
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