What to Bring in .NET

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What to Bring
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This section contains my packing list for conferences. Y can use this as ou a base and build on it as you attend more conferences.
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Comfortable shoes: You will be standing and walking around all
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day. Think function over fashion. Branded clothing: Become a self-serving billboard and wear your company s logo loud and proud. At least two sets of dress clothes: Many after parties will be at places that have dress codes. Be sure to dress to impress and you will be a success. (That last sentence was a mess but I digress ).
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Business cards: I didn t have business cards the first time I went to
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a conference. It was both unprofessional and awkward. Don t make
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the same mistake as me. It is not necessary to get anything special; the person giving the card is much more important than the quality of the card. Unless you have superfluous design resources, I don t recommend spending significant time or money (no more than $20.00 USD) on your business cards. Laptop/Notepad: Make it easy for you take notes. You will be given a lot of information and it will be nearly impossible to remember it all. Bring something to takes notes and utilize it to its fullest.
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Water bottle (Nalgene with a Carabineer is how we do it in Seattle): You are going to be surrounded by hundreds of other heatproducing attendees. Be sure to always have a source of water on hand so you can stay hydrated and healthy.
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What to Do
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Once you are at the conference, it is important to use your time optimally. This section covers SEO conference best practices.
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Show Time
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As soon as you get to the conference it is time to start meeting people and talking shop. Remember, you are here to learn about SEO and meet new people, not to cower to insecurities.
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Arrive early or late (not too late!) to avoid the registration lines:
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Every person at the conference will need to register at the beginning of the conference to get in. Make sure you are not the one at the back of the line. Wear your branded clothing: You brought it, now wear it! Network, Network, Network: The relationships you make at conferences have much more potential than the information you learn in the sessions. Because almost every person at search conferences is there to network, meeting people is easy. Skip one session block: The big names at conferences got to where they are by knowing most of the things discussed in sessions.
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This means that they are unlikely to attend many sessions. Choose your least important sessions and skip them. Use this time to meet the big names in the industry. They will be much less bombarded and far more likely to really get to know you. Go to popular booths: Popular booths will feature more influential people and offer conversation starters for all the people you don t know. At lunch, don t sit with friends: This is hard because many people see lunch as a time to relax. However, this is not necessarily true for everyone. Network, network, network. Drink a lot of water: Keeping yourself hydrated keeps you energized and fully functional. Use your notepad or computer: Take a lot of notes. I recommend at least one new page/file per session. Keep all of your random ideas in one place: This can either be a separate text document or the last page of your notepad. This is helpful later when you are looking for post-conference motivation. Collect cool swag: Free stuff is great. Gather as much as you can and bring it home for friends and family.
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Many people make the mistake of wasting industry-related parties by acting how they act when they party with friends. Although this is appropriate in small doses, your main goal at industry parties should be to improve yourself and your reputation. You have been warned. Party hop: Maximize your chances to network and learn from the more experienced attendees by going to as many party venues as you can. Avoid useless conversations: Make your impact but keep most conversations short and to the point. Here are a few things to bring up if the conversation stops: What do you not get to do enough of Have you ever watched the Viagra SERPS to study black hat techniques (Hint: Buy Viagra is much more interesting than simply
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