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SEO Quick Hit List
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These are the SEO elements I check whenever I need to do a very fast SEO audit: Check canonicalization of domain (www versus non-www; http versus https; / versus /default.aspx (or other home page variations); etc.). Check global navigation (categories, subcategories). Check for the existence robots.txt ( and ensure that it s not disallowing any critical content.
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One more useful resource is David LaFerney s A Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Jargon at
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key SEO terms and phrases.
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Check for the existence of a sitemap ( and ensure the content appears valid. Compare the cached text-only version of site in Google (search Google for given URL, click cache, click Text-only version ) to the actual home page of the site and make sure the content elements of both are very similar or identical. Link Profile (mozBar, Linkscape).
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This chapter included the cheat sheets and checklist that I use most often as an SEO. These have saved me countless Google searches and are permanently attached to the walls of my office. I hope that you find them as useful as I have.
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Appendix Attending SEO Conferences
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In This Appendix
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How to prepare yourself What to pack What to attend and what to skip
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Internet marketing conferences can be either tremendously helpful for your career or an expensive waste of time. This appendix provides actionable information on how to make the most out of these conferences.
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Picking the Right Conference
It turns out that the Internet is available globally (you think! ). As such, numerous conferences in cities all around the world focus on marketing online. In this section, I review some the most popular search-related conferences so that you can pick the right one for you.
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SMX, Search Marketing Expo, is a conference run by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman of The conference is tailored for beginning to intermediate Internet marketers. At the time of writing, tickets range roughly from $1,600.00 to $2,300.00 and the conference takes place in New Y ork, Seattle, Toronto, Santa Clara, London, Munich, Stockholm, Sydney, and China. I have been to this conference many times and generally enjoy it. It attracts most of the big-name SEOs and is consistently attended by
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Google, Microsoft, and more recently, Facebook. Most of the material is beginner to intermediate-advanced.
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Attracts the big companies and names Many big announcements are made at SMX Held in many locations
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Expensive Sessions are rarely helpful for advanced SEOs
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Bottom Line
If you are an advanced SEO, this conference series is most useful as a place to speak and for its networking opportunities. Any big announcements that are made at the conference will be written about online and you can read them there for free.
SMX is very similar to SES. It is one of the most mainstream Internet marketing conferences and attracts the biggest and best companies and speakers. Like SES, its sessions are primarily helpful for beginner and intermediate SEOs.
SES, Search Engine Strategies, is a conference and expo run by the minds behind It is useful for beginning to moderately skilled Internet marketers. It usually attracts a larger number of participants than other conferences, and as such attracts many of the bigname SEOs and companies. At the time of writing SES tickets range roughly from $900.00 (1-day pass) to $2,000.00 (3-day pass). SES takes place in Chicago, London, San Diego, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, and Berlin.
Attracts the big companies and names Many big announcements are made at SES Held in many locations
Expensive Sessions are rarely helpful for advanced SEOs
Bottom Line
SES is very similar to SMX. It is one of the most mainstream Internet marketing conferences and attracts the biggest and best companies and speakers. Like SMX, its sessions are primarily helpful for beginner and intermediate SEOs. The sessions are usually redundant, but they do sometimes include small bits of wisdom. If you are in a situation were one of these small tips apply to you, it can make the entire conference pay for itself.
Pubcon is a conference put on by the minds behind It focuses on social media, SEO, SEM, and affiliates. It is best suited for beginners to beginner-intermediates and is known for its venue, Las Vegas, and its lavish after parties. Tickets range from $400.00 to $600.00. I have been to a few Pubcons and have enjoyed it every time. It is a long conference at four days but provides a lot of time for networking and lounging.