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Setting up a testing platform Running a test Recording test results Sharing knowledge
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Testing the ways the search engines operate is the most important thing a Search Engine Optimizer can do. In fact, everything that we as SEOs know about the search engine algorithms is the result of testing. Testing is an ongoing process that must happen more frequently than the search engine algorithm updates. This chapter teaches you the skills you need to perform professional quality tests of your own so you can more accurately predict what types of techniques are required to improve your site s rankings. Although the following is designed to be performed on separate mini websites, the same principles apply to testing on your own website. Remember, SEOs can always be doing better and ranking for more terms.
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Setting Up a Testing Platform
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To reverse engineer specific aspects of the major search engines, you will need to build a testing platform. (Note: If you are content just following the advice of the leaders in the industry and not performing your own tests, you can skip to the section Running a Test and perform the tests on your primary website.) The advantage of a testing platform over manually constructed web pages is that a platform will allow you to drastically cut down on the time it takes to set up a test and focus on interpreting results.
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This is because with a platform you do not have to rewrite code when you are performing a task you have already done. When you re building a testing platform, it is important to implement a system that is both easily customizable and highly scalable. Y will likely ou be performing many different tests at the same time and will find it necessary to customize your test pages in ways your might not expect up front. For this reason, it is important that the platform is more of a loose framework rather than a traditional tightly controlled Content Management System (CMS).
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Picking a Web Server
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Relatively few server resources are needed for a basic search engine testing platform. It is perfectly acceptable to find an inexpensive (less than $25 a month) shared hosting provider. I recommend a provider called Siteground (www.siteground.com), while other SEOs I respect recommend the more mainstream providers Slicehost (www.slicehost.com) and Media Temple (www.mediatemple.net). Regardless of which provider you choose, make sure it provides near 100 percent uptime at an affordable price.
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TIP Some shared hosting services claim to provide free hosting. They are able to do this because they place ads on your website, over which you have no control. This makes running variable driven tests impossible. As with all things on the Internet, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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Domain Name
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Choosing the best domain name for the websites on your testing platform is less important than you might think. Remember, you are not building these websites for traffic; you are instead building them for the purpose of blending in with the rest of the Internet. Avoid using excessive hyphens or inappropriate words that might get algorithmically detected by the engines. Similarly, avoid the spam-ridden TLDs (for example, .info). I recommend domain names that use real or plausible English phrases. For example, you could run tests on domain names like browncarrot.com,
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implodeddesk.com, or transordo.com.
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I use a website called domize.com to quickly search for available domain names. It is free, fast, and has helpful alternative suggestions.
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The important thing to remember when finally making a purchase is to avoid domain names that look like spam. The search engines put a lot of time and effort into writing algorithms that can quickly identify spam based on factors like domain names. As a rule of thumb, find a name that you would feel comfortable putting on your business card.
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TIP Most of the major domain registrars offer limited-time promotional discounts of domain names throughout the year. A large online community has formed around this money-saving opportunity and its members publicly post all of the available promo codes at any given time. You can find these by searching the name of the registrar and promo codes, for example, GoDaddy promo codes. I typically save about 15 percent on domains with the help of these secret communities.
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