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Twitter has taken the Internet by storm. It is driving major traffic to popular twitterers and is being integrated into every major social media site. It is also becoming a main player in the important world of real-time search and is being integrated into the major search engine algorithms.
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What Niche Is it Helpful For
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Twitter is a micro blogging platform where people can talk about any subject in 140 characters or less. Originally designed as a status update tool (the home page originally asked, What are you doing right now ), Twitter has since become used mostly for passing around random thoughts or, more frequently, links to content that the user finds useful. These short strings are called tweets. This makes it applicable to almost all niches (I wouldn t try diagnosing patients via Twitter if you are a doctor). The niches that are seeing the biggest benefits are those that are technology tech-savvy topics. As time progresses this is encompassing more and more niches. As of right now, the sky is the limit with Twitter.
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Ranking Factors
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Just like its service, Twitter s search algorithm is numbingly simple.
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Twitter s search results are based entirely off of relevancy metrics (and time). It looks for exact matches between tweets and the searcher s query. The best way to be found via Twitter search is to tweet about exactly what people are searching for at the time they are searching for it. These topics can be determined by looking at Twitter s Trending Topics section or on its homepage when you are logged out. Twitter s follow system regulates spam very effectively, because typically your tweets will be seen only by those that follow you. If you tweet out too much junk, you can expect to lose followers. But when users perform a search in Twitter, the results include tweets from all users. Inserting a hash tag (#) into a tweet is a way to group it with other tweets that focus on a particular topic. For example, adding #nfl to the end of your tweet about a particular game will result in your tweet appearing in any searches for #nfl . Tweeting relevant material about trending topics (and including a hash tag about that topic) is a great way to get traffic to your content, but remember that trending topics are trending precisely because so many people are talking about them. There s a chance that you ll get lost in the crowd with a single tweet.
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Twitter is all about real-time communication. Tweets are instantly available online after they are received by Twitter s servers. Twitter s search engine finds all of the tweets that are relevant for a given query and prioritizes them by how recently they were posted. Currently, it only searches for tweets less than 3 days old.
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How Does This Alternative Engine Affect Primary Search Engines
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Many times creating a Twitter profile, tweeting regularly with original material (or retweeting material that is important to your target audience), and continually building up your follower base is an easy way to secure a branded search term result.
Twitter results have a major effect on the primary search engine result pages. At the time of writing, both Google and Bing have access to Twitter s full API (called The Firehose ) and instantly crawl every tweet made on the system. These results are then used on search result pages for queries where real-time data is helpful, such as breaking news and other trending topics. Due to Twitter s domain authority, its profile pages also rank highly for relevant searches.
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At the time of writing the only realistic way to get on the front page of Digg is to either pay a top submitter or be a top submitter. The site is not the democratic site it seems to be. While there are exceptions to this everyone once in a while, the chances of your content getting on Digg organically are so slim that it is not worth optimizing solely for this website.
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Alternative search engines are important for both niches and predicting the future of search. Websites like Amazon dominate product search, which means they can t be ignored when performing professional SEO services. This is one area that makes expert SEOs more successful than less experienced SEOs. Learning the intricacies of alternative search engines is difficult but well worth the time investment when working in an applicable niche. In addition to improving the bottom line, alternative search engines hint at the future of search. As any given alternative engine gains popularity, its data becomes more important to the traditional search engines. If these trends are caught early, SEOs can gain a competitive advantage that can
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devastate their competitors rankings. In the next chapter you take this to the next level by learning how to test the search engines so you can be aware of algorithm shifts before your competition.
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