Exposing Enterprise Email in .NET

Implement QR in .NET Exposing Enterprise Email
Exposing Enterprise Email
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We showed in the previous chapter that a physically compromised cell phone could be used to access the cell phone owner s email. In that scenario, the user simply remained logged in to Yahoo! Email. What if that email contained messages from the enterprise That would certainly be devastating.
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A Creative Way to Access Enterprise Email
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A lot of enterprises simply do not allow remote email access to mobile devices. By not providing this service, they feel more secure. If somebody wants to check their email, they can VPN into the network and use their email client to do so. By implementing this approach, they do not have to worry about users carrying around enterprise email on their cell phones. Right Wrong! Stopping physical access to the email severs from mobile devices isn t necessarily a bad approach. The thought process is valid and the enterprise has every right to control how email can be accessed. The potential problem comes in the fact that end users tend to get very creative. Just because the enterprise doesn t want a user to be able to check their email with their cell phone doesn t mean that it can t be done. Keep in mind that the user is likely not doing
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Protecting the Enterprise PC and LAN from Cell Phones
anything with malicious intent. They simply need to stay connected and if they can use the phone that they always have with them to receive email, then it s all the better. Here s how it s done. Let s say the enterprise restricts all mobile access to email. That s not all that difficult for them to do. What a creative user can do is automatically forward that email to whatever account they want. For example, all incoming mail to their enterprise account could be forwarded to their Yahoo! Email account. The user may not have direct access to the enterprise email servers, but they will have access to their email messages. They would simply be getting it indirectly by checking their Yahoo! Email, which they can do with their cell phone. This may be efficient for the user, but it is an absolute nightmare for enterprises. Essentially, users can be walking around with an indirect, yet constant connection to their enterprise email. This is being done on a cell phone that may very well have no security protection configured. As shown in the previous chapter, anyone who gets physical access can check the email without having to authenticate. In this scenario, that email would include enterprise email, too. Forwarding the email is something that can be done on the client side. With Lotus Notes, the end-user can log in and create a custom agent. This custom agent takes all email that arrives and sends it to the Yahoo! Email account, where it can be read by the cell phone. The first step is creating the agent and selecting the Inbox as the documents that will be forwarded. Figure 10.2 shows the Lotus Notes dialog to perform this step.
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Figure 10.2: Select folder from which email is auto-forwarded
Part IV
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How Cell Phones Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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The next step is to create the Send Mail action. In this case, the action will be forwarding the email to the Yahoo! Email account. Figure 10.3 shows this step.
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Figure 10.3: Select Send Mail action
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Once these steps are completed, the agent needs to be told when to execute. In this case, it will be whenever new email arrives. Figure 10.4 shows this configuration.
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Figure 10.4: Select frequency for auto-forwarding
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As easy as that, the end-user can turn the agent on and receive enterprise email on their cell phone. Every time a new email message arrives, it will be sent to the Yahoo! Email address defined in the configuration. Once it is in that
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Protecting the Enterprise PC and LAN from Cell Phones
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location, it can be viewed by the mobile user with their cell phone. It can also be viewed by anyone else who happens to be in possession of the cell phone. This is very scary.
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