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* Siemens
* Siemens
V600 (++)
V80 (++)
+ We now believe the Nokia 7650 is only vulnerable to SNARF if it has already been BACKDOORed.
++ The Motorola V600 and V80 are discoverable for only 60 seconds, when first powered on or when this feature is user selected, and the window for BDADDR discovery is therefore very small. Motorola has stated that they will correct the vulnerability in current firmware.
Part IV
How Cell Phones Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
Preventing Bluetooth Attacks
With the free tools that are available to those with ill intent, attacking a cell phone via the Bluetooth interface is a very real concern to enterprises. Enterprises can take a few basic steps to protect themselves:
Know what cell phones are in use in the enterprise and identify if they are vulnerable to attacks. Purchase cell phones that have Bluetooth safety features, such as a short amount of time in which the device can be set in discoverable mode. Educate end users on the potential risks to cell phones from Bluetooth.
Intercepting Cell-Phone Communication
There have been numerous books and articles written on cell-phone cloning and cracking GSM. Phreaking, hacking phone-related technologies, has been around for a while and it is certainly an interesting science. This section isn t going to concentrate on the standard phreaking technologies, cell-phone cloning, and so forth. It is, however, going to explore a new and interesting way in which cell-phone conversations can be intercepted. The previous section covered how Bluetooth can be a vulnerability to cell phones. This is definitely true in a direct attack scenario, but is also true in regards to intercepting authentication. Consider the infamous Car Whisperer scenario. To understand the Car Whisperer scenario, it is important to have a basic understanding of Bluetooth pairing. When two Bluetooth devices want to become connected, a common key is entered into each device. That key is used for authentication and encryption. The devices will prompt each other for keys during the connection process and if they match, then the connection takes place. These keys are traditionally entered manually into each device via the provided interface. The key/pairing relationship is easy enough to understand. However, what can be done when there isn t an interface to enter the common key This could be the situation in the case of a car. If an end user wants to use Bluetooth in their car, there may not be an interface for them to type in the key. Some manufacturers have made the sharing of the key an automated process; the end user doesn t have to enter anything. This makes it nice and easy for the end user. They simply hop in the car, turn on their Bluetooth headset, and away they go. The problem, as you may have figured out, is that the automated key is not a very secure way to go.
Exploiting Cell Phones
The Car Whisperer application will scan for Bluetooth headsets and handsfree devices. When it finds a device, it will connect and attempt to authenticate to the device by using the known PIN for the manufacturer of the device (which is identified by the first six characters of the Bluetooth device s address). The following is the content of the file.
#!/usr/bin/perl # Special PIN helper that returns preset passkeys depending on the respective # Bluetooth device address. This little script was done to be used as a # replacement bluepin helper when using the carwhisperer program that tries # to connect the SCO channels on a given Bluetooth device. # # Scripted in July 2005 by Martin Herfurt <> # # this is the BDADDR of the device for which a passkey is required $bdaddr = $ARGV[1]; undef $pin; # match the address with known ones or return the standard pin # it s also possible to just specify the first part of the address for # setting a default passkey for a certain manufacturer SWITCH: for ($bdaddr) { /00:02:EE/ && do { /00:0E:9F/ && do { /00:80:37/ && do { /00:0A:94/ && do { /00:0C:84/ && do { $pin= 0000 ; # 0000 is }
$pin= 5475 ; last;}; # $pin= 1234 ; last;}; # $pin= 8761 ; last;}; # $pin= 1234 ; last;}; # $pin= 1234 ; last;}; # the default passkey in