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Utimaco Safeware AG
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Take a moment to look at the Utimaco encryption solution. This solution is provided in a product called SafeGuard PDA (SGPDA) Enterprise Edition V4.11 for Windows Mobile. Some key features include the following:
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Transparent protection of data in PDA memory and removable media against unauthorized access Easy, encrypted data exchange between PC and PDA platform via memory cards or email
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Part III
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How PDAs Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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Flexible, centrally enforceable security settings and configuration rights for end users Advanced security algorithms Authentication choices (password, biometric, symbol pin) Ease of deployment via central management and configuration
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This product works pretty much how you would expect. (The centralized administration portion of this product will be covered in detail in 8.) You set when you want data to be encrypted and secured, then define which data you would like to protect. Figure 6.33 shows two of the configuration screens.
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Figure 6.33: SGPDA encryption settings
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Regardless of the product selected, it is important to encrypt the data on the PDAs. This is also important to enterprises that need to subscribe to various compliance regulations and laws, such as HIPAA, GLB, and SOX. An enterprise can t seriously consider itself compliant to any of these if it does not actively implement technical means to encrypt data on PDAs.
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Things to Remember
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PDAs can have a tremendous impact on improving efficiency for mobile workers. As was shown in this chapter, the devices are also susceptible to a plethora of risks, including the following:
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Malware Direct attacks
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Exploiting PDAs
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Intercepting of PDA communication Spoofing and intercepting authentication Physical compromise
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It is because of these risks that enterprises need to take action. Specifically, enterprises need to ensure the following:
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Antimalware programs are installed and operational on PDAs being utilized by corporate employees. A personal firewall is being used on corporate PDAs. Encryption is utilized on data being transmitted to and from mobile PDAs. Users are educated on scenarios that can put their credentials at risk and what they can do to prevent credential disclosure. All PDAs are protected with passwords. All data contained on PDAs is encrypted.
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Throughout this chapter I talked about the gamut of threats to the PDA devices themselves and what can be done to protect them. In the next chapter I will talk about the threats that PDAs can pose to the enterprise by affecting the enterprise infrastructure.
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Hacking the Supporting PDA Infrastructure
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The Wi-Fi capabilities of PDAs make it possible for those PDAs to connect indirectly to the corporate LAN via public Wi-Fi hotspots and directly to the corporate LAN via private corporate wireless LANs. This can be very useful and increase efficiency, but it can also expose the enterprise to exploitation.
Connecting a PDA to the LAN Is Good and Bad
Executives at The Professional s Link, Inc. were excited about using their PDAs. When they found out that their PDAs came with wireless capabilities, they were eager to use the PDAs to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots and the corporate LAN. If the executives could connect to the LAN with their PDAs, they could easily synch their email, access the Intranet, and stay productive from anywhere in the office without having to carry their laptops from meeting to meeting. The director of IT, John Mykee Scott, was then tasked with enabling the PDAs to connect to the corporate LAN. The Professional s Link was in the process of evaluating the use of Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) or some other 802.1x solution for use on their wireless LAN, but that project was at least a year out. The executives wouldn t be willing to wait that long. Plus, their PDAs didn t support fancy wireless technology like 802.1x. As usual, John wasn t given any meaningful money to implement the wireless solution for PDAs.
Part III
How PDAs Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
N OT E 802.1x technologies are used to provide port-based authentication. Basically, authentication will need to take place before a device is allowed to enter a network. While 802.1x is commonly thought of in a wireless LAN scenario, it can also be used with Ethernet connections.
John wasn t left with a bunch of options, so he implemented the best wireless solution he could with the time and money allowed. He then configured the executives PDAs to be able to access the new wireless network. It didn t take long before the executives began singing John s praises. One of the secretaries John was dating at the company told him that Roger Michaels, the CEO, was extremely happy with the project. Another secretary he was dating stated that her boss, Bob Douglas, was also very pleased with the new wireless PDA capabilities. It appeared that John had hit a home run with a project that he didn t think he was going to be able to pull off. Sometime later, The Professional s Link was inundated with security breaches that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars. They had been hacked.