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Part II
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How BlackBerrys Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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SecureWave. Their product for device control is called Sanctuary. Here s some information from SecureWave regarding this product: Sanctuary controls the use of a vast range of devices that are key sources of security breaches, and manages and audits device usage according to their type and not on how they are connected. If needed, Sanctuary Device Control can be set to completely block USB ports or any other port (Bluetooth, FireWire, IrDA, Wi-Fi, etc.) or prevent access to any device category independently from the way users are attempting to connect them. Granular policies also allow for access rights (R/W) down to unique device model or identifiable unit per user or user group. Implementing a solution such as this would not only control the malware threat that BlackBerrys can bring to an enterprise; it can also help with other threats.
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Things to Remember
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The threats BlackBerrys and other mobile devices bring to the enterprise aren t always straightforward. This chapter has defined a number of these threats and has provided solutions for how to address them. Some important items to remember are
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Enterprises need to realize that sensitive company data can be copied to BlackBerrys. Once that data is copied, it is no longer in the enterprise s control. Enterprises can put solutions into place to control whether their data can be copied to BlackBerry devices. Some BlackBerrys are capable of providing Internet access to PCs. This capability introduces significant security threats to the enterprise and these threats need to be addressed directly. BlackBerrys can introduce malware into the enterprise. This threat needs to be recognized and mitigated.
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Up to this point in the book, we have laid a foundation for mobility and have covered in detail the threats that BlackBerrys bring to the enterprise. The next part of the book deals with PDAs.
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How PDAs Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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Exploiting PDAs
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PDAs have been around for years, and they quickly worked their way into the corporate enterprise. Years ago when I worked in IT operations, all the sales people would utilize their Palm Pilots to keep track of their schedules. The Palm Pilots would synchronize with the sales people s email-program schedule, and they wouldn t do a whole lot beyond that. These days, PDAs are extremely powerful. They now can hold gigabytes of data, work with MS Office documents, and even connect to wireless networks. PDA technology has even been incorporated into cell phones. Now a cell phone can be a Palm Pilot or a Pocket PC. The technology has really come a long way since the old days. If you asked any enterprise whether their users utilized PDAs, they would undeniably state that they do. Not many enterprises pay for employees PDAs, but end users certainly buy them and use them for work-related activities. In many ways, enterprises consider this a good situation. Their workers get to be more productive by using PDAs and the enterprise doesn t have to pay for them. The problem is that enterprises think they don t have to worry about them either. If you also asked just about any enterprise what their security strategy is regarding PDAs, chances are you wouldn t get a worthwhile response. There are quite a few reasons for this, but it is unfortunate: PDAs can pose a significant security risk and certainly should not be ignored.
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Part III
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How PDAs Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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In this chapter I ll cover the gamut of threats to PDAs and discuss specific exploits and vulnerabilities. In doing so, I ll cover threats related to the following:
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Malware Direct attacks Intercepting PDA communication Spoofing and intercepting authentication Physically compromising PDAs
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I will also discuss specific steps to protect against these vulnerabilities. These important security steps will include modifications to default configurations, implementation of policies, and the inclusion of third-party security products. Both Pocket PCs and Palm OS devices will be discussed.
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