Protecting Your PC and LAN from BlackBerrys in .NET

Create Quick Response Code in .NET Protecting Your PC and LAN from BlackBerrys
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Protecting Your PC and LAN from BlackBerrys
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Google Appliance ProxyStyleSheet Command Execution HP-UX FTP Server Preauthentication Directory Listing HP-UX LPD Command Execution IA WebMail 3.x Buffer Overflow Icecast (<= 2.0.1) Header Overwrite (win32) Internet Explorer COM CreateObject Code Execution Internet Explorer createTextRange() Code Execution Windows XP SP0 IE 6.0 IsComponentInstalled() Internet Explorer Object Type Overflow Internet Explorer VML Fill Method Code Execution Internet Explorer WebViewFolderIcon setSlice() Windows XP/2003/Vista Metafile Escape() SetAbor IIS 4.0 .HTR Buffer Overflow IIS 5.0 Printer Buffer Overflow IIS 5.0 WebDAV ntdll.dll Overflow IIS FrontPage fp30reg.dll Chunked Overflow IIS nsiislog.dll ISAPI POST Overflow IIS Web Application Source Code Disclosure IIS w3who.dll ISAPI Overflow IMail IMAP4D Delete Overflow IMail LDAP Service Buffer Overflow IRIX lpsched Command Execution Kerio Personal Firewall 2 (2.1.4) Remote Authen Microsoft LSASS MSO4-011 Overflow Lyris ListManager Attachment SQL Injection (MSSQL) MailEnable Authorization Header Buffer Overflow MailEnable Pro (1.54) IMAP STATUS Request Buffer MailEnable IMAPD W3C Logging Buffer Overflow MaxDB WebDBM GET Buffer Overflow McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator / ProtPilot Source Mdaemon 8.0.3 IMAPD CRAM-MD5 Authentication Overflow Mercantec SoftCart CGI Overflow Mercur v5.0 IMAP SP3 SELECT Buffer Overflow Mercury/32 v4.01a IMAP RENAME Buffer Overflow Minishare 1.4.1 Buffer Overflow Mozilla Suite/Firefox InstallVersion->compareTo
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google_proxystylesheet_exec hpux_ftpd_preauth_list hpux_lpd_exec ia_webmail icecast_header ie_createobject ie_createtextrange ie_iscomponentinstalled Overflow ie_objecttype ie_vml_rectfill ie_webview_setslice Code Execution ie_xp_pfv_metafile tProc Code Execution iis40_htr iis50_printer_overflow iis50_webdav_ntdll iis_fp30reg_chunked iis_nsiislog_post iis_source_dumper iis_w3who_overflow imail_imap_delete imail_ldap irix_lpsched_exec kerio_auth
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tication Packet Buffer Overflow lsass_ms04_011 lyris_attachment_mssql mailenable_auth_header mailenable_imap Overflow mailenable_imap_w3c maxdb_webdbm_get_overflow mcafee_epolicy_source Overflow mdaemon_imap_cram_md5 mercantec_softcart mercur_imap_select_overflow mercury_imap minishare_get_overflow mozilla_compareto () Code Execution
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Part II
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How BlackBerrys Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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Microsoft Outlook Express NNTP Response Parsing Microsoft PnP MS05-039 Overflow Microsoft ASN.1 Library Bitstring Heap Overflow Microsoft Message Queueing Service MSO5-017 Microsoft RPC DCOM MSO3-026 MSSQL 2000/MSDE Hello Buffer Overflow MSSQL 2000/MSDE Resolution Overflow Microsoft CanonicalizePathName() MSO6-040 Overflow NetTerm NetFTPD USER Buffer Overflow NIPrint LPD Request Overflow Novell Messenger Server 2.0 Accept-Language HP Openview connectedNodes.ovpl Remote Command HP OpenView Omniback II Command Execution Oracle 9i XDB FTP UNLOCK Overflow (win32) Oracle 9i XDB FTP PASS Overflow (win32) Oracle 9i XDB HTTP PASS Overflow (win32) PAJAX Remote Command Execution Metasploit Framework Payload Handler PeerCast <= 0.1216 URL Handling Buffer Overflow PeerCast <= 0.1216 URL Handling Buffer Overflow vBulletin misc.php Template Name Arbitrary Code WordPress cache_lastpostdate Arbitrary Code Exe PHP XML-RPC Arbitrary Code Execution phpBB viewtopic.php Arbitrary Code Execution PHPNuke Search Module SQL Injection Vulnerability Poptop Negative Read Overflow PuTTy.exe <= v0.53 Buffer Overflow RealServer Describe Buffer Overflow RealVNC 4.1 Authentication Bypass RealVNC 3.3.7 Client Buffer Overflow Microsoft RRAS MSO6-025 Stack Overflow Microsoft RRAS MSO6-025 RASMAN Registry Stack O IIS RSA WebAgent Redirect Overflow Safari Archive Metadata Command Execution Samba Fragment Reassembly Overflow Samba trans2open Overflow
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ms05_030_nntp MS05-030 Buffer Overflow ms05_039_pnp msasn1_ms04_007_killbill msmq_deleteobject_ms05_017 msrpc_dcom_ms03_026 mssql2000_preauthentication mssql2000_resolution netapi_ms06_040 netterm_netftpd_user_overflow niprint_lpd novell_messenger_acceptlang Overflow openview_connectednodes_exec Execution openview_omniback oracle9i_xdb_ftp oracle9i_xdb_ftp_pass oracle9i_xdb_http pajax_remote_exec payload_handler peercast_url_linux (Linux) peercast_url_win32 (win32) php_vbulletin_template Execution php_wordpress_lastpost cution php_xmlrpc_eval phpbb_highlight phpnuke_search_module poptop_negative_read putty_ssh realserver_describe_linux realvnc_41_bypass realvnc_client rras_ms06_025 rras_ms06_025_rasman verflow rsa_iiswebagent_redirect safari_safefiles_exec samba_nttrans samba_trans2open
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Protecting Your PC and LAN from BlackBerrys
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Samba trans2open Overflow (Mac OS X) Samba trans2open Overflow (Solaris SPARC) Sambar 6 Search Results Buffer Overflow Seattle Lab Mail 5.5 POP3 Buffer Overflow SecureCRT <= 4.0 Beta 2 SSH1 Buffer Overflow SentinelLM UDP Buffer Overflow Serv-U FTPD MDTM Overflow ShixxNOTE Font Buffer Overflow SHOUTcast DNAS/win32 1.9.4 File Request Format SlimFTPd LIST Concatenation Overflow SMB Password Capture Service Solaris dtspcd Heap Overflow Solaris KCMS Arbitary File Read Solaris LPD Command Execution Solaris LPD Arbitrary File Delete Solaris sadmind Command Execution Solaris snmpXdmid AddComponent Overflow Solaris in.telnetd TTYPROMPT Buffer Overflow Simple PHP Blog remote command execution Squid NTLM Authenticate Overflow Subversion Date Svnserve Sybase EAServer 5.2 Remote Stack Overflow Sygate Management Server SQL Injection TFTPD32 <= 2.21 Long Filename Buffer Overflow TrackerCam PHP Argument Buffer Overflow UltraVNC 1.0.1 Client Buffer Overflow University of Washington IMAP4 COPY Overflow University of Washington IMAP4 LSUB Overflow Unreal Tournament 2004 secure Overflow (Linux) Unreal Tournament 2004 secure Overflow (Win32) War-FTPD 1.65 PASS Overflow War-FTPD 1.65 USER Overflow WebSTAR FTP Server USER Overflow Winamp Playlist UNC Path Computer Name Overflow Microsoft SSL PCT MS04-011 Overflow Microsoft WINS MS04-045 Code Execution SoftiaCom WMailserver 1.0 SMTP Buffer Overflow WS-FTP Server 5.03 MKD Overflow Wzdftpd SITE Command Arbitrary Command Execution YahooPOPS! <= 0.6 SMTP Buffer Overflow ZENworks 6.5 Desktop/Server Management Remote
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samba_trans2open_solsparc sambar6_search_results seattlelab_mail_55 securecrt_ssh1 sentinel_lm7_overflow servu_mdtm_overflow shixxnote_font shoutcast_format_win32 String Overflow slimftpd_list_concat smb_sniffer solaris_dtspcd_noir solaris_kcms_readfile solaris_lpd_exec solaris_lpd_unlink solaris_sadmind_exec solaris_snmpxdmid solaris_ttyprompt sphpblog_file_upload squid_ntlm_authenticate svnserve_date sybase_easerver sygate_policy_manager tftpd32_long_filename trackercam_phparg_overflow ultravnc_client uow_imap4_copy uow_imap4_lsub ut2004_secure_linux ut2004_secure_win32 warftpd_165_pass warftpd_165_user webstar_ftp_user winamp_playlist_unc windows_ssl_pct wins_ms04_045 wmailserver_smtp wsftp_server_503_mkd wzdftpd_site ypops_smtp zenworks_desktop_agent Stack Overflow msf >
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