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How BlackBerrys Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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is an important setting. Imagine if you connected your BlackBerry to synch with your PC. Would you want some third-party program using that connection to communicate with your PC over that physical connection I sure wouldn t, and I d want to know if that application was trying to do so. Consequently, I would set this to Deny, unless I knew specifically why the application was trying to use that connection. Think Trojan or other malware either copying over or taking data off of the PC as you synch; bad news. By the way, the default is Allow change it!
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Bluetooth If you have a Bluetooth connection, you can determine if third-party applications should be able to utilize that Bluetooth connection. The scenarios are the same as with the USB physical connections. The default is Allow. Again, change it unless you have good reason to have it allowed. Phone This controls whether a third-party application can make a phone call or do other phone-related things on its own. The default is Prompt. It would have to be a pretty intriguing application for me to want it to make phone calls on my phone. Think of a piece of malware that calls 900 numbers or that randomly calls users in your contacts list at all hours of the night. Think it can t happen Well, the likelihood is a lot less if this setting is set to Deny. Location (GPS) This pertains to third-party applications able to utilize your device via GPS no matter where you are located. This can be rather Big Brother-ish. Unless you are purposely installing a GPS application, set this to Deny. Allow is the default. Company Network A lot of security departments wouldn t take too kindly to unauthorized third-party applications connecting freely to your corporate network. The default is Prompt; you should really think about using Deny. As mentioned above, you may want antimalware applications to be able to update themselves when connected to the corporate network, but controlling which applications can access the corporate network should be the decision of IT, not the end user. Default is Prompt; set it to Deny. Carrier Internet This is a really big one. This controls whether thirdparty applications can connect from your BlackBerry to the Internet via your EvDO or other carrier-based connection. This has malware written all over it. Imagine: you get a piece of malware on your BlackBerry and it calls out to a hacker somewhere and gives that hacker direct access to your BlackBerry a Trojan Horse with remote-control capabilities. Unless it s a program that you specifically want to connect to the Internet, change the default from Prompt to Deny. Controlling which applications can access the Internet should be the decision of IT, not the end user.
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Exploiting BlackBerry Devices
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It s pretty funny: People bash Microsoft all the time for making their systems easy to use rather than focusing on making them secure. Undeniably, it s a big give and take. If you really lock a system down, it can stop certain programs from running and a typical end user can run into serious problems with that. The typical solution is to not lock things down. The settings I ve detailed here give you that flexibility. The next section in the firewall options has to do with interactions between third-party applications and other applications on the BlackBerry. In the Interactions section, the following items can be defined:
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Interactions Allow/Custom/Deny
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Interprocess Communication Allow/Deny Keystroke Injection Allow/Deny Browser Filters Allow/Deny Theme Data Allow/Deny
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I ll now go over each item in detail, as I did with the Connections section:
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Interprocess Communication This controls whether third-party applications can talk to other applications, such as the runtime store, persistent store, and global events. The default is Allow. This one can be a little bit tricky. Basically, think whether the third-party applications have a good reason to talk to some other application. If you are using fancy, customized, personal-planner software, you may want that application to talk to your calendar. If not, consider changing the setting to Deny. If something you want to work suddenly stops working, you can always change it back. Default is Allow. Keystroke Injection If you want your third-party applications to simulate you actually typing on the BlackBerry keyboard in the application that you re running, then set this to Allow. (I really hope you see a problem with setting this to Allow!) Fortunately, the default for this setting is Deny. Unless you really, really need to change this and you know exactly why you need to change it, don t. Browser Filters If you want a third-party program to register a filter with the browser and handle content, then set this to Allow. The default is Deny. You would, again, need a really good reason to change this to Allow. Theme Data If you want third-party programs integrating with the look and feel of your BlackBerry, then allow this. While the default is Allow, I would change it to Deny unless I were to buy some kind of custom BlackBerry theme program.
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