Protecting the Mobile Device Itself in .NET

Draw qr codes in .NET Protecting the Mobile Device Itself
Protecting the Mobile Device Itself
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As devices leave the confines of the protected LAN, they need to be protected as if they were still on the LAN. Doing so means that the various LAN-based systems and technologies now need to be extended and reside on the various types of mobile devices. This includes antivirus software, personal firewalls, IPS/IDS, VPN, etc. Remember, these devices are on the front lines directly connected to the Internet and other networks. These devices are more vulnerable than any other systems you have. They need to be protected accordingly.
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Part I
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Understanding the Threats and Devices
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Enforcing Compliance on the Mobile Device
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Just as with PCs, it is important to keep mobile devices compliant. Compliance can mean different things to different companies. For example, if antivirus software is running on a PDA, that may be enough to meet one company s security requirements. At the same time, another company may need to ensure that a personal firewall and encryption software are installed and running. In any event, there needs to be a technical means to ensure that the devices meet the minimum security posture set forth by the company. A written policy alone will not suffice.
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Addressing Security Deficiencies Automatically
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If a mobile device does not meet the minimum security-posture requirements as set forth by the organization, then those deficiencies need to be remedied automatically and without having to connect to the corporate LAN.
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Implementing Layered Security
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As with any type of a security, a layered approach is essential. Protecting mobile devices from malware doesn t mean simply installing antivirus software on a mobile device. We ll go over this in great detail later in the book.
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Controlling and Protecting Data
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Regardless of where data resides, it needs to be protected. Because data can be copied to mobile devices easily and mobile devices can be exploited a number of different ways, the focus is on protecting the data itself.
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Things to Remember
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The threats that mobile devices bring to the enterprise are significant and complex. Many enterprises are operating under the assumption that these threats consist solely of having mobile devices lost or stolen. As you now know, the threats are much more complex than that. In a nutshell, the threats consist of
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Malware Direct attack Data-communication interception Authentication spoofing and sniffing
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Understanding the Threats
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Physical compromise Mobile device enterprise infrastructure compromise PC and LAN connectivity
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As I go into detail about and relate specific threats to each type of mobile device, I will concentrate on each threats for each device. I will then illustrate specific products and services that can address these threats Understanding the threats is an important first step in securing mobile devices, as is changing security philosophy and strategy to adapt to the increase in mobility. If security departments, executives, and end users are unwilling to accept that change is necessary, protecting the mobile devices will prove impossible. The threat has changed, and how each of these parties operates must adjust to address this change. Up to this point, I have discussed the threats to mobile devices and the necessary security-strategy changes to protect those devices. I will now discuss the plethora of devices available.
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Understanding the Devices
When I first started in IT, one of the first things I learned is that it is far easier to support thousands of the same computer than thousands of different computers. This is the primary reason why enterprises try so hard to have standardization. It not only makes it easier to support from a help desk perspective; it also makes it easier to secure the devices. With the explosion in the use of mobile devices, the philosophy and goal of standardization has become increasingly difficult to maintain. This is due to a number of different reasons, including the following:
Mobile devices are evolving at a tremendous rate. Individuals themselves, not always enterprises, are buying the mobile devices. Many companies don t have a formalized plan in place to provide and address mobile devices.
Clearly, this provides a significant challenge to the enterprise. How do you protect against devices when you don t know what is being used Couple that point with the fact that it can be a daunting task to keep up with the overwhelming sea of devices that are in the marketplace, and you have a pretty big challenge to overcome.