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Integrating 3 of 9 in .NET Body-Contact
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PITCH DIAL {500K pot}
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Normally Open Pushbutton
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Toggle (OR) LOOP Toggles BENDING
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FIGURE 15-2: Bending diagram for the common, membrane-keypad Speak & Spell circuit board. Note alternate soldering point for one of the two looping connections. If the main point doesn t work, try the alternate.
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Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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Is there an expansion cartridge plugged into the circuit edge Usually accessed through the battery compartment, the cartridge port may or may not be occupied. If it is, remove the cartridge and set it aside. After bending, your new Incantor will accept the expansion cartridge once again, and even have something to say about it. Many different cartridges were produced for the Speak series. With luck, you ll collect a set to use with your instruments.
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Step-by-Step Bending
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You ve gathered all the needed parts and you ve opened things up. You ve studied the diagram. Now, step by step, you ll complete the transformation. Here s how.
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Choosing a Cool Control Layout
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Because body design became the same throughout the Speak & Spell series after the original pushbutton model was replaced, you can mount components the same way each time throughout the rest of the series, whether working with a Speak & Spell, Read, or Math. And this time you ll have more choices.
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Case Considerations
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The main difference now is in the mounting of the set of three bending switches. Although you certainly can mount them on the side of the instrument as I described with the pushbutton Speak & Spell, you now also have the option of mounting them next to the speaker (the larger printed circuit on the prior model disallowed this). In this position they ll be a little bit handier (refer to Figure 16-1, next chapter). If you choose to opt for this alternative switch-mounting scheme, removal of the plastic lens in front of the speaker is a good idea. Drilling the mounting holes for the switches will be easier with the lens removed. And if your toggle switches have short, threaded collars, you ll now have more collar for the switch nuts to screw down onto. To remove the lens, just pry it away from the case where it ends its wrap around the side. Use a small screwdriver to do this. The lens will pop off without much trouble. On some Speaks, the actual speaker is covered with a black grill cloth. That s good. On other versions the speaker cone is totally exposed. Gluing a grill cloth over the exposed speaker is a nice idea (see 11, Figure 11-22). As indicated in the discussion of the original model (Project 1; see 14), take a look at the area opposite the speaker on the back half of the case. If you see a cylinder of plastic meant to back the speaker when the case is closed, be sure that no wires are pinched by this cylinder when you close the finished instrument.
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15 Project 2: Common Speak & Spell Incantor
Marking the Board
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Using your permanent ink, ultra-fine-tipped Sharpie pen, once again mark the board to indicate the soldering points shown in Figure 15-2. Put a tiny dot next to each point to be soldered to.
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Drilling Holes
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All holes start with your pilot bit of 1 8" or so in diameter. Most critical here is the spacing of the three bending switches. If you ll be placing them as in Figure 16-1 in the next chapter, you must be careful to keep the switches from hitting the speaker or each other. Mounting these three switches along the edge of the housing is, again, another possibility (on the speaker side of the instrument), just as you did with the pushbutton Speak & Spell covered in Project 1. Bring the holes up to size with your hand bore and finish their edges with the de-burrer.
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