Finishing Techniques in .NET

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12 Finishing Techniques
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Sparkle Dusts
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These laser-etched micro flakes are available at craft stores. I like the smallest flakes. All come with a shaker top, a handy dispersal mechanism. As mentioned, some are tinted a specific shade so that you can go with a color complementary to your paint job, a nice effect in holographic sparkle.
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Marking Control Titles
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Wait a minute just what was that button supposed to do ! After you ve painted the instrument, along with the scratched-up gray plastic also went all the original button titles. The Power button looks just like the Record button now. That s inconvenient. Control titles, or legends, can be marked on the new paint job in one of two main ways: using pen and ink or rub-on transfers. Each works just fine. The difference is in the look.
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Transfers are available in differing fonts and sizes. Those made especially for electronics include roses (radial degree graphics) for dial markers and are usually a little stronger than those made for graphic artists. They also include ready-made words common to electronics panel legending: ON, OFF, BEND, er, strike that last. But both styles will work for control legends (see Figure 12-2). Web Service code-39 printingin .net
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FIGURE 12-2: Transfer titles
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Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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The trick with transfers is in applying the final sealant a clear gloss topcoat. Just remember that too much wet gloss can float the transfers right off the panel you ve rubbed them onto. Several even, light coats are the answer here, as in all spray painting. More on this in a moment.
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Pen and Ink
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I like the feel of pen and ink and keep various pens at the workbench, all in easy reach. Many are exchangeable, but not the pens used for panel marking. Why Because most of the permanent pen inks will run like a river when the top sealant is sprayed over them. Really bad news. There s only one kind of marker I trust not to do this: a fiber-tipped liquid acrylic marker. Instead of being solvent-based ink, the acrylic ink will not dissolve in the presence of thinners, or solvents, the base of most clear sealants. Add to this the ultra-fine tips and all the highly pigmented colors and you ve got a real problem solver. Look for the fine-tipped Painters markers by Hunt Corp., N.C. Be sure to let the instrument s paint dry thoroughly. When it s dry, simply mark the control titles as though you were writing a letter (see Figure 12-3, plus find more details in The Painting Process, Start to Finish, later in this chapter). Try to buy the entire set of pens and be sure to get the smallest tip size available.
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FIGURE 12-3: Hand-inked titles
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12 Finishing Techniques
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Final Glosses
Clear spray-on glosses are the final coating to be applied to the instruments. These coats will seal-in the powders or dusts you ve applied as well as form a protective topcoat over any control titles you ve added to the design. Look again for fast-drying, high-gloss sealants with high solids content if possible (high-solids clear glosses need fewer coats to build up a thick finish).
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Designing Your Own Paint Booth
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Painting is actually quite easy as long as you re prepared to do a good job. This comes down once again to techniques and tools. Your paint booth can be rather simple and still fit the three main requirements: bright lighting, workpiece accessibility, and fume exhaust. Note that this is a workshop process, unless you don t mind your bedroom changing colors as the weeks roll by.
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Two-point lighting in the form of dual 100- to 150-watt spotlights will work fine. These can be mounted in shades positioned to the right and left of the workpiece, a little above and in front (see Figure 12-4). Clamp-on lights with reflectors work well too.