Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed in .NET

Embed barcode 3/9 in .NET Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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FIGURE 11-4: Strip away outer insulation; strip and tin the ends of the wires inside.
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Original circuit
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FIGURE 11-5: Insert cable through grommet and solder wires to the bending connections.
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6. Hot-melt glue will also secure this cable if applied over the nylon wire tie and up against the inside of the case. 7. Solder the inner wires to the bending connections on the circuit board that you want to access on the extension box.
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11 Bending Beyond the Basics
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8. Similarly, pass the other end of the cable into the extension box. Secure as before, and watching closely the wire color codes, solder the wires to the extension box components just as you would if the switches and so on were mounted on the original case itself (see Figure 11-6).
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Extension box
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FIGURE 11-6: Insert the cable s other end into the extension box and solder wires to extra components.
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Rehousing a Circuit into Another Case
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I really like the aesthetics of the transformed instrument, with the original housing still there but bristling with new controls. In other words, I shy away from hiding the source of a bent instrument by putting it inside another case; I prefer the more tangible metamorphosis of additive adaptation, with controls growing from the body of the original instrument itself. But that s just me, and I m not beyond question. Still, there are times when there s not enough room to mount all the new controls, as discussed, or even when the original housing is just too unsettling to retain. (See The Harmonic Window, in this chapter, for an example of both issues; this housing contains a sampler from inside a waytoo-cute teddy bear.) A new housing for your bent toy might be just the thing. Simple circuits, whose components can be replaced with your own, can be mounted in another case without too much trouble. Some of this transference of controls can be complicated, but if there are only a few pushbuttons (such as on many toys that play samples), these can be replaced with your own by just soldering wires to the contacts of the original switches on the circuit board and soldering the other ends of the wires to your own pushbuttons mounted on your own case, a case that can also accommodate all the new bending controls you need to add. The circuit board is removed from the original case along with the speaker and battery compartment. If the battery compartment was integrated into the original case, you ll have to wire a separate, stand-alone battery holder to the circuit where the old one was connected. If the
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Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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original power switch can t be extended to a new switch on the new housing, just leave the original power switch turned on and solder a toggle switch in the middle of one of the new battery holder s wires. This becomes your new power switch. Cool.
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The Project Box Approach
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Project boxes come in endless designs. These are made for experimenters needing a case for their DIY E-Bomb circuits, Royal Rife power supplies, and dummy pirate radio transmitters (don t give up the real one!). The best cases open easily for battery access, are nonflexible (sturdy), and have a little more room than you think you ll need. Metal and plastic versions are available. Some have battery compartments built in. You ll find internal dividers, removable end plates, feet, punch-outs, wiring channels, and more. If you intend to paint the finished instrument, metal may be better than plastic. If you plan to cut a hole for a speaker, consider this in advance and have your drilling needs and size requirements in mind. The same goes for overall size of battery holder, circuit, and all controls. The more room you give yourself, the easier the job will be. Following are some examples of what happens when I go looking for ways to house or rehouse a circuit in a project box.
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