Trim pot in .NET

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Trim pot
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Output jack
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Speaker FIGURE 9-27: Put a trimmer in-line with an output wire to tame your line outputs.
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Use a 500 (but experiment with various resistance values) trimmer in line with the positive side of the jack. All that s left is to adjust the trimmer to a lower output level. Give it a try.
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Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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The Panic Button
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You probably have something with a panic button on it that reset button hidden on your camera, for example. Those tiny, shame-inducing little holes you have to stick a sharp object into to bring flipped-out digital freeze-ups back to reality again. What the heck s actually going on here within these high-tech, super-refined, cutting-edge electronic oracles when they get their belly buttons pressed Well, even with their truetheory electronics, they ve crashed just as your bent Speak & Spell has, and they need the exact same remedy. When you push their reset buttons, you disconnect their battery supplies for a moment, and often nothing more is needed. It s the same as taking the batteries out and putting them back in, just easier. But why not just turn the instrument off and back on again Nice thought. Just might work, too. But in some cases a nonoperative state in the circuit remains in effect, even with the power switch turned off and back on. The only solution here is to remove the batteries and put them back in, or do the equivalent with a reset switch: interrupt the battery power supply. Not all bent instruments need a reset switch. If the instrument you re working on tends to crash, and the power switch is a hassle to use or it doesn t do a full reset, the pushbutton reset is the answer. For this you ll need a pushbutton switch. But this time you ll need the less used normally closed (N.C.) pushbutton. Remember A normally closed pushbutton breaks the circuit when pressed (see 6). If the battery compartment is connected to the circuit with wires, you re in luck. Simply cut either wire and solder your normally closed pushbutton into the gap (see Figure 9-28).
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"Normally closed" pushbutton switch
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Circuit board FIGURE 9-28: A normally closed pushbutton switch on a battery compartment wire
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If, however, the battery compartment is connected to the circuit directly via traces on the printed circuit board, you ll have to do a little surgery. No big deal.
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9 Designing Your Personal Alien Orchestra
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Look closely and locate a trace that leaves the battery compartment and enters the circuit. Find a place along the trace where you can cut it prior to the trace s connecting to other components Your job is to cut the trace in a way that leaves enough of the trace on either side of the cut to be soldered to (see Figure 9-29). You might want to review the info about soldering to PCB traces again; for that, see 8.
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Circuit board FIGURE 9-29: Cut power supply trace.
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Cut the trace slowly and carefully by scraping with a sharp X-ACTO -style blade, or use a tiny burr bit (1 8" works well) in your Dremel drill. When you re through the trace, you ll see the circuit board material beneath. Solder a wire to the trace on both sides of the cut. These two wires will go, of course, to the two terminals of your normally closed pushbutton switch (see Figure 9-30).
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FIGURE 9-30: Solder a normally closed pushbutton switch across the cut trace.
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When the switch is at rest, it allows electricity to flow around the cut. It flows through the normally closed switch instead. But when the switch is pressed, it breaks the flow from the battery compartment going through it. That s about as deep a reset as you can get.
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Building the Bent Instrument
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eird how rumors travel. Especially within circuit-bending. No, flexing a circuit board is not circuit-bending. And unless you want to send human tool use back into the Iron Age, hot soldering irons, no matter how well you personally metabolize polystyrene smoke, are not drills. Let s get things right.
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