Designing Your Personal Alien Orchestra in .NET

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9 Designing Your Personal Alien Orchestra
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For the initial search, be sure that the pot s shaft is in the middle of its range. If you get a cool sound, stop and try to turn the pot s shaft to see what happens. Sounds as though you need a third hand for this, but I usually find a way to hold both probes in place with one hand while turning the pot s shaft with the other hand. Oh, did someone say art was easy Whoops. You re right I did. Okay. You can make (or buy) two test leads with tiny alligator clips at the ends. If the clips are small enough, you might be able to clip them to some of the circuit sections, such as various component leads. With the clips in place on the circuit, you can then clip the pot between the remaining clips and handle the shaft with ease (see Figure 9-20).
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FIGURE 9-20: Leads with alligator clips at each end being used as the probe set Soldering a short, stiff wire to circuit areas otherwise impossible to clip to (such as a printed circuit trace) will give you a custom terminal for your alligator clip (see Figure 9-21 and Soldering to the Circuit Board in 8). Search on!
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Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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FIGURE 9-21: Soldering a wire to a hard-to-clip area will give you something to clip a test probe to.
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Pots come with a caution. As you turn the shaft, you re varying the internal resistance between the pot s rating (its maximum resistance) and no resistance at all, which is what happens when the dial is turned all the way toward the outside lug you soldered (see Figure 9-22).
FIGURE 9-22: Turning a pot all the way toward the wired outside wired terminal reduces the pot s resistance to zero.
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As you near the no-resistance-at-all-position, you must again be aware of the danger signs and cease turning the dial when any such trouble sign arises. Here they are again: The circuit dies. There s a loud pop from the speaker. There s a loud hum from the speaker. You see a spark. Lights or displays dim. Let s say that as you turn a pot toward lower and lower resistance (again, turning toward the outside soldered lug), all is fine until you get to a certain point and the circuit crashes. This means that the electronic flow through the pot at the lower resistance level was too much for the circuit: You let too many electrons through when the shaft neared the end of its rotation. What now
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9 Designing Your Personal Alien Orchestra
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This is what trimmer pots are for. The problem is that too little resistance is present in your new bend when the pot is turned too far. So, you need to find a way to allow the pot to be turned all the way without the decrease in resistance causing the circuit to crash. We need to find a way to be sure there s still some resistance present even with the pot turned all the way down. Well, if you place a trimmer of the right value in line with the pot, then even with the pot turned all the way down the electricity still has to pass through the trimmer. And the trimmer supplies the resistance that the circuit needs to operate without crashing. If you run into this problem, here s what to do. Let s say that you ve found a good place for a 1M pot (remember to always try various pots in a pot-sensitive circuit). But as you turn it down, the cool effect, as mentioned previously, gets to a certain point and then crashes the circuit as you decrease the pot s resistance past a certain point. You need to trim your main potentiometer, and here s how: 1. Solder a trimmer of the same value (1M) to the full-sized 1M pot, center lug to center lug, and solder a wire to an outside lug of each pot (see Figure 9-23).
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FIGURE 9-23: Solder the pots middle terminals together and solder a wire to an outside lug of each, as shown.
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2. Turn the trimmer s dial to full resistance (away from an outside soldered lug) and turn the large pot s dial to no resistance (toward an outside soldered lug, see Figure 9-24).
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FIGURE 9-24: Turn trimmer dial away from an outside wired lug; turn main pot shaft toward an outside wired lug.
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