Switches or Patch Bay for the 1 to X in .NET

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Switches or Patch Bay for the 1 to X
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The 1 to X bend lends itself to patch bay wiring. A patch bay does the same thing as switches it sends signals to your choice of destinations. Figure 9-15 shows the previous 1 to X bend, but configured as a patch bay.
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18 "banana" jacks
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FIGURE 9-15: The same 1 to X bend configured as a patch bay
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You ll see that point 1 goes not to a switch but rather to a set of jacks (called banana jacks). As with the middle terminals of the switches, all 1 jacks are wired together in the 1 patch section of the bay. All thereby connect to point 1 on the circuit. Points a e are also brought forward from the circuit, but they also now go to sets of banana jacks, three (or more) jacks for each of the five points. As you can see, plugging a banana cord (called a patch cord) between jack 1 and jack a does the same thing as switch 1 did before (see Figure 9-16).
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Banana plug patch cord
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FIGURE 9-16: Patch bay making the same connection as the first toggle switch in Figure 9-14 ( 1 to a ).
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So, what s the advantage with a patch bay That s where the extra jacks come in (see Figure 9-17).
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FIGURE 9-17: Patch bay making connections impossible with the toggle switches
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Now there is no connection between 1 and a ; instead, the connections exist between a and b, b and c, and c and e. These, as you can see, are only a few of the new connections possible within the 1 to X matrix that you could not implement were you using only switches. So! For quick sound switching you can go with the normalized (referring to classic synth lingo) circuit of toggle switches. If you want more access and have the space to spare, the non-normalized patch bay might be for you.
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Between the Wires
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For this exercise you ll need to open another set of test leads. Cut and strip the wires just as you did with the first set. This time, do tin the stripped ends with solder: As in the exercise previously, twist the loose wires first into a firm spiral and then heat with a soldering iron until the solder melts easily into the twisted bare wire. Rather than solder the ends together to make one wire, solder an alligator clip to each tinned wire end (see Figure 9-18).
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FIGURE 9-18: Circuit-bending probe set for running bends through various components
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You ll use this set now for running bends through various electronic components by clipping the components between the two alligator clips. Now you once again have a bending probe, but it has whatever you want to test in the middle, causing the electricity being diverted to pass through the lucky whatever you ve enlisted.
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Pot = Variable Weirdness
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Remember potentiometers: variable resistors controlled by means of turning their central shaft ( 6) Potentiometers are usually used for boring things such as volume controls. But in circuit-bending, all kinds of weirdness can happen as you throw pots into the mix.
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First, any body-contact that required two points for operation is asking to be tried with a pot. Simply clip a pot between the alligator clips of the probe set you just made; then, place the probe points on the body contact points. Now the current will flow through the pot and the sound will change as you turn the pot s shaft. But which pot Try three. Try a 100K, a 1M (meg), and a 5M. As you learned earlier (again, 6), always connect one wire to the middle lug of a pot and the other wire to either outside lug (see Figure 9-19).
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FIGURE 9-19: Probe set with potentiometer in the middle
Any looping or streaming bend you ve discovered might as well be a good shot for a pot. Give it a try. If the circuit crashes while you turn the shaft, see the following trim pot section. To discover brand-new potentiometer possibilities, just perform the usual circuit search with the pot in the middle of your probe set. Declare a stationary end and a traveling end and search away.