FIGURE 7-6: Mechanical jewelry box for part storage glass eyes, in this example in .NET

Integrate Code 39 Extended in .NET FIGURE 7-6: Mechanical jewelry box for part storage glass eyes, in this example
FIGURE 7-6: Mechanical jewelry box for part storage glass eyes, in this example
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Part II Building Your Circuit-Bending Workshop
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Skippy vs. Organic Almond Butter Jars
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Your granddad saved his glass jars to keep nails, tacks, and screws in. Grandpa was right. And recycling is as smart today as it was back then. Okay, smarter. Glass jars with screw-on lids are great for electronic parts. Because they re dust-proof, seethrough, and available in all sizes, storing components in these slow liquid containers (yep, glass is a liquid flowing so slowly it seems solid) is a good, free choice. As to regular versus organic, choose organic. The glass isn t any better, but you ll be.
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Can o Pens
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While we re looking backward to the old-fashioned workbench for solutions, don t pitch that empty can of beans. You ll be using pens frequently to take notes as well as to mark circuits, and you ll need a place to keep them. The bean can holds a certain attraction to many pen pals as well. In no time you ll find your retractable X-ACTO knife, heat-shrink tubing, and mechanical compass all vying for this handy column of space. In fact, you ll soon be serving eviction notices.
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Parts Magnet
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Everyone has a blown speaker lying around. If you can salvage the magnet, it will serve you well as a small metal parts holder, perfect for all the screws you ll be removing from instrument cases as you disassemble things. Mine is close at hand, firmly gripping the base of my scrolling saw.
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Choosing Your Work Surface
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You and your workspace will become very intimate. You ll draw on it, read on it, solder on it, and more. You ll need it to cushion as well as to provide firm backing. You ll want it to be convertible.
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Hard, Soft, or Super-Soft
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All! For drawing on a sheet of paper (note taking, circuit sketching), I have a thick sheet of tempered glass at the workbench where I sit. For general circuit work I cover the glass with a terry cloth hand towel. This keeps dropped parts from rolling far, and secures circuit boards and instrument cases from slipping around while working on them. For final-stage work on painted instruments I cover the glass with a thicker, deep nap towel. This extra cushion keeps delicate finishes from marring during the final wiring steps.
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Please, Have a Seat
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I hope you re sitting down, because I have something shocking to tell you. The make-or-break bending session item just might be your chair! What you re looking for is a good rolling office chair with swivel, lumbar support, adjustable height, adjustable arms, and back tilt. Being comfortable will make any work session much easier.
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Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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8 Soldering Your Way to Nirvana 9 Designing Your Personal Alien Orchestra 10 Building the Bent Instrument 11 Bending Beyond the Basics 12 Finishing Techniques
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n a very real sense, you are creating new life here as you, along the lines of Dr. Frankenstein, inject electricity into your reconfigured, stitched-together circuit. The biggest difference is that while Shelley s Frankenstein story was fiction, circuit-bending is fact. Time to raise the kites into the storm.
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Soldering Your Way to Nirvana
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veryone seems to be apprehensive about learning to solder. I was, too. So much that I grabbed that tube of Liquid Solder from the hardware store back in 1968 and, with high hopes, took it directly home.
Not that I didn t have a soldering gun I did. I d won it in a bet with my chessmate as to whether James Thurber was yet among the living. My luck being better than James s, I stashed the gun for future misuse. Liquid Solder seemed easier than the gun, if only it lived up to its name. Opening the tube of gunk (which smelled exactly like model cement), I tried my best to join wires with it. It was silvery, after all. And it did say Solder on the label, loud and clear. All I succeeded in doing, in the end, was to ruin a bunch of good components by smearing the nonconductive silver model cement all over the solderable leads, insulating them and making them nonsolderable forever. Well, my world and welcome to it!