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6 Your Electronic Parts Supply
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FIGURE 6-7: Specialty switches: rotary, ball, mercury, and micro-switch Wires to circuit are soldered here
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Tape Epoxy
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Brass (or other metal flat rod stock)
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FIGURE 6-8: Cutaway of homemade reed switch
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Part II Building Your Circuit-Bending Workshop
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Resistors are all those little cylinders with colored bands toward each end that are lying flat to the circuit board. Their job is to resist current flowing through them. Inside, they re pretty boring. The usual carbon resistor is essentially a mixture of powdered carbon and electronically neutral glue. Carbon conducts electricity pretty well. The more carbon added to the glue, the better the resistor conducts the electrons flowing through it. But no matter how much carbon is in there, a resistor always resists electrical current. If in place of the switch you put a resistor in the middle of the flute circuit wire, what will happen The current flowing through the wire will be resisted and the flute sound will probably be lowered in pitch (see Figure 6-9).
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FIGURE 6-9: Circuit-bending wire with resistor
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If you then solder the switch back somewhere into this wire, on either side of the resistor, you ll be able to turn on and off the lower-pitched flute sound whenever you like (see Figure 6-10). Other uses for resistors in circuit-bending are lowering the current to cool down audio outputs that are too loud, and to lower current to avoid burning out the LEDs that you ll be using as pilot lights and envelope lamps. Don t worry, I cover this in detail later. It s all very simple stuff. But which resistor Because there are many resistance levels offered by different resistors, as indicated on them by the color-coded bands, the easiest way to experiment with resistors is to use a resistor substitution wheel. This is a small device loaded with resistors inside. You simply clip its two leads into the circuit with which you want to experiment and turn the dial (see Figure 6-11).
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6 Your Electronic Parts Supply
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FIGURE 6-10: Circuit-bending wire with resistor and toggle switch
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FIGURE 6-11: A resistor substitution wheel
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Part II Building Your Circuit-Bending Workshop
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As you rotate the dial, each click of the wheel connects a different internal resistor between the leads and allows you to see or hear the effect of that resistor on the circuit. Resistor values are printed on the case just outside the dial so that you know which resistor is connected as you turn the wheel. When you hear or see the result you want, stop turning the wheel and look at the resistor value that the dial is pointing to. If it says 500K, you know you need to solder a 500k resistor into the circuit to get the same effect. Resistor substitution wheels are very handy to have around, and one should be part of your bending kit.
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They re getting harder to find, but a Web search will usually uncover a wheel by GC Electronics, part #20-104.
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Potentiometers, called pots for short, are also resistors. The difference is that their resistance is variable. The volume knob on your stereo is a pot. As does the resistance substitution wheel mentioned previously, they adjust resistance as they re turned. But unlike the wheel, their change is smooth instead of stepped across their range of resistance. Inside a pot is a resistance strip whose ends are connected to the outside soldering lugs on the pot s case. The remaining lug, in the center, is attached to the pot s wiper. Turning the pot s shaft rotates the wiper along the length of the resistance strip. The reason that resistance is variable is that the wiper position allows electricity to pass through more or less of the resistance strip, depending upon how much the shaft is turned. The more of the strip the circuit has to flow through, the more resistance is encountered (see Figure 6-12).
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