Part I Exploring Circuit-Bending Today in .NET

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Part I Exploring Circuit-Bending Today
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We needn t stop there. I ll ask you: Is the Art Nouveau style a chance art No Well, I suppose not. But the designs and motifs of Art Nouveau, and to a lesser degree Art Deco, were inspired by the lines of nature, master of chance art. When we naturalize a planting by throwing seeds upon a hillside instead of planting in neat rows, we re trying to replicate nature s chance arrangements. It is these chance arrangements in nature, the rhythms of shape and color surrounding an early and uninsulated humankind, that we suppose to be behind all our art. Chance is a powerful, creative force whose accidents have not only provided us with art but also the discovery of penicillin, infrared and, well, Velcro. Truth is, chance discovery is the root of much of our understanding of the natural laws that govern our very existence despite the scientists who d have you believe they re in control of it all. Sissies. Circuit-bending taps this powerful, creative, wildly artistic force, finally bringing chance to the realm of electronic design and you. As discovered, so it proceeds within the unusual technology of circuit-bending.
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Fuzzy Logic vs. Clear Illogic: The Law of Opposites and Bent Science
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That s a mouthful! As you ve heard by now (or learned by the ice cream headache), for every thing there is an opposite thing. Sometimes you use a thing to guess what its opposite thing is, especially if you can see only one of the things. The same, I m afraid, goes for systems. Fuzzy logic is a system, implemented by tumbling equations, that is meant to seek a norm within chaos. The law of opposites suggests that a system, a dark bizarro world system, should exist a system that operates in reverse. There should be a system that seeks chaos within the norm. If fuzzy logic exists, clear illogic must also. We d also think that, if we re still on the trail of opposites, the tumbling equations of fuzzy logic might interpret into nonreason within clear illogic. And, of course, it does. Like it or not, this is how science works, and science always has the last laugh. What we ve discovered is that circuit-bending is an act of clear illogic, itself a scientific system of application following the natural laws of chance. We are modeling natural creative forces when we chance-bend a circuit. In a sense, we play God here, so powerful are the creative forces we re dealing with. We provide that mysterious catalyst when we bend a circuit: that spark that changes things, that lightning strike that just might configure life.
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You already thought I d gone too far, right Anti-theory, clear illogic, and playing God with circuit boards. How about if I told you that I ve had to name a new species in order to discuss one of circuit-bending s most interesting aspects Such is the case. See what you think.
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Early on, way back in the mid-1960s, I began to suspect a new, living, actual flesh-and-blood creature in my midst. And I was part of it. As I made sounds by touching the body contacts on the shorted-out mini amp, the electricity of both bodies, myself and the amp, became intertwined. I was, in effect, a 15-year-old Midwestern hippie proto-Borg. With both hands on the amp s circuitry, electricity was flowing out of one side of the circuit, through me, and back into the other side of the circuit. In this configuration I was as much a part of the circuit as any component soldered in place. I couldn t see where either the amp or I began or ended. We were one. This new creature needed a name that flowed better than 15-year-old Midwestern hippie proto-Borg. I call this animal a BEAsape. BEA is pronounced as in be a sport; sape rhymes with grape. BEAsape stands for Bio-Electronic Audiosapian. Instrument or animal, hybrid or mutant, musically as well as zoologically we clearly have a horse of a different color. Yes, the BEAsape s material is temporary, its existence momentary. Like you and me.
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