Bending the Headspace of Electronic Design in .NET

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1 Bending the Headspace of Electronic Design
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FIGURE 1-2: Ghazala s first circuit-bent instrument, c. 1967 1968 (mock-up; the original was destroyed by an irate audience)
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I d found that simply by touching the bare circuit with my fingers, I could get it to squeal, and even with careful adjustment of finger pressure actually sweep the pitch with a degree of control. By soldering wires to these body-contact points, I extended them to aluminum foil pads on the instrument s front control surface so that they could be touched with ease. Then, I implemented all the interesting point-to-point short circuits I d discovered in a patchbay fashion using a backboard on the instrument. Nails were driven through the backboard. A wire was then soldered to the extending tip of each nail, behind the backboard, and these wires were then soldered to sensitive circuit points. Another wire was then soldered to a final point on the circuit, a point that when connected to any of the other points, which were now extended to the nail heads on the patch bay backboard, would result in new sounds. To this lone wire I soldered an alligator clip, enabling the wire to be clipped to any nail head on the patch bay, thereby making the circuit-bending connection and creating the new sound. The amp s original speaker was replaced by a pair of similar speakers, now attached to opposite sides of a wooden dowel. Mounted onto the axle of a powerful slot car motor, the speakers could be spun using the slot car s original motor and accelerator pedal, mounted now on the instrument s playing surface.
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Part I Exploring Circuit-Bending Today
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In my neck of the woods, in the late 1960s, a 15-year-old hippie kid playing a prototype synthesizer with tiny spinning speakers was not always embraced with critical enthusiasm. Especially if playing in a neighborhood church to rowdy Elvis fans. The resulting tussle damaged this fragile instrument to the point that all I could salvage was the circuit. Certainly not recognizing this as a classic incident of experimental music meets John Doe, instead thinking practicality, I simply redesigned the circuit into an irate public resistant case. And so it survives to this day. The new instrument, finished in 1968, was housed within a lidded cedar box. I d glued whole nuts, in the shell, inside the lid to accommodate the patch cords that could, in one way or another, be wrapped around the nuts to keep them close at hand while still out of the way. (Well, you work with what ya got, right ) Thanks to a friend who enjoys surrealism as much as boysenberry juice, this instrument became known as The Odor Box (see Figure 1-3).
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FIGURE 1-3: The Odor Box containing the original bent circuit, now audience-proof, c.1968
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The patch bay was now implemented with 1 8" audio jacks on short cords instead of with the alligator clip and nail system. No, they didn t carry audio, just the shorts I d discovered. Also new to this circuit was a rotary switch allowing the shorts to be sent through a collection of resistors and potentiometers as well as a photo cell. The aluminum foil body contacts were now 39 barcode creationfor .net
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1 Bending the Headspace of Electronic Design
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replaced with solid metal domes. I added a separate toy organ circuit to experiment with polyphony and beat notes (the pulsing you hear when two frequencies are close to the same). Also added were a separate amp and line outputs for recording and amplification. Later I added light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as soon as they hit the consumer marketplace. Yet another version from the same time period was my portable body-contact-only model. Containing eight foil contacts, it could make all kinds of bird and insect noises (see Figure 1-4).
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