Common Electronic appendix Components and Their Schematic Symbols in .NET

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Common Electronic appendix Components and Their Schematic Symbols
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irst of all, no, you don t need to know anything in this appendix in order to explore circuit-bending. Still, you ll be running into schematic diagrams as you move deeper into electronics, and you might even want to chart your own bends using the traditional symbols of the field. And these symbols exist for a very good reason. Circuitry can get complicated. To answer the demands of documenting (and reading) the complex wiring of circuits, the schematic diagram system was developed. The goal was to simplify not only component depiction, but wiring depiction as well. If the system really works, the drawings in this appendix should aid in your understanding of the most common components appearing on the circuit boards you ll be bending, as well as how they re traditionally depicted within circuitry. But in no way is this a complete list of all the components available, or their various cryptic renderings. (That set on the Roswell saucer still has everyone stumped.) So, I ve limited my depictions to the best-known and most common standards of schematic drawings. These are accompanied by my own observations of these drawings in actuality (where discrepancies abound). So let this appendix serve only as an introduction to the cool codes of circuitry. And feel free to design your own symbols as you incorporate or manufacture new components to suit your project s needs, as you ll see I ve had to do with one of the most common components in bending: the simple metal body-contact. In the example of the early all body-contact instrument I built back in the 1960s, you might recall that a group of semi-clad people could all be configured as body-contacts if everyone held hands and touched the instrument while they touched each other here and there. A schematic symbol for that body-contact I have not yet figured out.
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Appendix C Common Electronic Components and Their Schematic Symbols
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Resistors are familiar to anyone who s ever looked at circuitry and may be the most common component in circuit design. Circuit-board mounted resistors can range in size from minute, as in SMD (surface mount device) configuration, to humongous (way bigger than a breadbox, whatever that is). Resistance rating is coded in color bands painted on the resistor itself (pick up a resistor color wheel at your electronics store for easy reference). In diagrams, resistors are always represented by a zigzag line. The value of the resistor (its level of resistance) might be noted near its picture. If not, a coded label will appear next to the resistor s symbol (e.g., R1 the letter R is used to label resistors in schematic diagrams). This code can then be looked up in the schematic diagram s master parts list where the actual value of the resistor will be stated.
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Resistor = FIGURE C-1
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Potentiometers are variable resistors whose values are stated in terms of the greatest resistance the pot is capable of presenting to the circuit (with the shaft turned all the way). Similar to that of a fixed resistor, the schematic symbol of a pot also contains a zigzag line (representing the body of actual resistance material within the potentiometer). But added to the zigzag is an arrow representing the movable wiper within the pot the metal arm that taps electricity off the varying lengths of resistance material the current is running through as you turn the wiper s shaft. If only two lugs on the pot are used in the wiring (middle and one of the outside lugs) you ll see in the schematic diagram that one end of the zigzag is left unconnected to the circuit. The letter R is used to label pots in schematic diagrams, just as with resistors. After all, pots are resistors too.
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