Project 17: The Harmonic Window in .NET

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30 Project 17: The Harmonic Window
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Reassembly, in the example of the mini version, is a matter of being sure that the wires you ve added are run away from the circuit and won t be pinched when the halves of the case are fastened back together. Likewise with any larger case you might be working with: Be sure that all wire runs are thought out well and non-interfering.
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In a sense, the Harmonic Window sampler is a one-man alien band. With the line output feeding a strong sound system, the wide frequency range and unusual musical sounds resulting from bending the sample stack take on a ferocious space of hard-driven, sharp-edged musicality. Heavy metal, grunge rock, electronic minimalism, and music concrete intertwine within the Harmonic Window s bent compositions. If unusual meters or near-insane, intense experimental music is of interest, this may well be your dream come true.
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Project 18: Hyper Sax
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nce again, Casio took the lead in bringing cool new music technology to the masses with the mid-1980s release of the Casio DH 100 (see Figure 31-1). Breath control was the feature that caught everyone s attention in this six-voiced, sax-shaped digital horn synthesizer. It gained many fans, including The Residents (who ve used it in live performance). For a while I thought that my bending might have destroyed my DH 100. It began to squeal, with the real voices heard only faintly in the background. Turns out this is a failure common to the DH 100. If you perform the following bends on your DH 100 and it begins to squeal at a later date, after you say cool! and then fear that that s all it s ever going to do, remember that this digital disruption was bound to happen. Don t worry I have a fix for this squealing. I ll outline the simple procedure in a moment (as well as a cool trick to get a different range of frequencies out of the DH 100 by crystal swapping).
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You can purchase squealers on eBay and elsewhere for nearly nothing, with the seller assuming that the horn is beyond repair. If squealing is the only problem, worry not. You just found your bending target. Perform the fix, described later, and proceed to bend.
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in this chapter
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Parts for the main bends Parts for the capacitor replacement repair Parts for the crystal expansion Open it up! Circuit at first glance Step-by-step bending Choosing a cool control layout Case considerations Marking the board Drilling holes Painting Control mounting Soldering Reassembly Testing Musicality Special Section: Casio DH 100 Squeal Repair Session and Crystal-Swapping The squeal fix Crystal swapping Tweaking the breath control
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And now the warnings. This project involves bends that alter electronic balances that the circuit depends upon to correctly execute general instrument envelopes as well as breath control envelopes. Worse, the actual breath sensor assembly is prone to malfunction if disturbed, which is hard to avoid while you re working inside the case. This project also involves precise circuit-board surgery (if you decide to go ahead and replace the envelope trim pot with a surface-mount pot) and, because of space restrictions, relies upon miniature potentiometers that can be somewhat difficult to obtain (using standard-size pots is possible with some careful alignment; read on).
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Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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Bending Switches
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Poly Dial
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Envelope Dial
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FIGURE 31-1: Circuit-Bent Casio DH 100
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31 Project 18: Hyper Sax
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Still not challenging enough Okay. How about the fact that this project additionally requires the most precise soldering of any in this book Wires need to be soldered to SMDs (surfacemount devices: super-tiny resistors and capacitors) as well as to an ultra-slim IC trace. Still, everything s possible as long as you keep your soldering hand steady. If you can dig up the small pots, and if your composure is not shaken by the thought of cutting printed circuit traces or soldering to diminutive circuit areas (or if you never play your DH 100 again, anyway!), then what s to lose Be brave and tackle this project. The bends will extend the instrument wonderfully. And your band members will eventually thank you no matter how much they liked the squeal.
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