The Picture and Pattern Group in .NET

Integrate Code 39 in .NET The Picture and Pattern Group
The Picture and Pattern Group
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The Picture and Pattern buttons are the Stack modulators. Mounting these as opposing pushbuttons on the miniature model makes sense because they ll need to be pressed in combination with each other to play the instrument. With them mounted thus, the instrument can be played with one hand. If you re mounting the Picture and Pattern groups on a larger case, consider using both pushbutton and toggle switches wired in parallel (see Figure 30-2) for one or both groups (for parallel wiring of toggle and pushbutton switches, see the section in Appendix A called Audition/ Hold Array ). The toggles will allow you to lock in the combinations you re playing. You also need to consider the built-in microphone. This is a powered electret microphone and needs to be unblocked, available to pick-up sounds. You have two choices. First, you can just mount the entire sampler housing inside your larger case with the sampler s microphone situated right behind a hole in the larger case. Second, you can remove the microphone from the original housing and extend it away from the circuit board, to be mounted all by itself somewhere on the new case. If you choose to do this, de-solder the wires going to the microphone and extend them as needed with longer wires, using shielded cable. The larger case allowed me to use big body-contacts. If you re using a metal case, be sure to mount the body-contacts through rubber grommets to keep them insulated from the case. If you don t, they ll short-circuit to each other, won t work, and might put the entire circuit at risk. (Body-contacts are not marked in Figure 30-4, but you ll find several kinds if you search.) Because the line output will be derived from the speaker terminals, it makes sense to locate the output jack nearby. Before deciding upon a control layout, look at your line-out options in Appendix A. You ll need to add an output jack of some type, and you have the options of installing a speaker cut-off switch and even an envelope LED (if the speaker signal will drive it; it may not be strong enough). If the line output is too strong, you ll want to include a trim pot in the scheme, also depicted in the drawing in Appendix A.
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30 Project 17: The Harmonic Window
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Case Considerations
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If you re using a custom housing of some kind, you ll just be laying things out as the case might suggest. Consider the idea of the groupings mentioned previously in Choosing a Cool Control Layout. If you ll be mounting all the controls on the original housing, you ll need to remove the circuit board first. After the board is removed, you ll have access to the sides and will be able to work with the case more easily. With a little planning, you can use the hole that the original Play and Record wires ran through to mount one of your switches.
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Marking the Board
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Using your Sharpie marker, mark the board s connection areas as shown in Figure 30-4. Be sure to locate the correct areas to mark there are a few rather confusing circuit areas where similar traces run next to each other.
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Drilling Holes
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Use a pencil to mark all hole locations after checking to be sure of component clearances as well as mounting tool clearances. Using your 1 8" pilot drill, drill all holes. Further open these holes using your hand reamer. If ever the reamer won t penetrate far enough to achieve the desired hole diameter, carefully enlarge the hole with the side of the spinning bit (as described in the section Hole-Drilling Fixes in 10), or use a burr bit of the correct diameter.
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