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Control Mounting
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Mount all controls. See Choosing a Cool Control Layout, previously in this chapter, for special potentiometer considerations. Mount the potentiometer so that its lugs will be available for easy soldering.
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26 Project 13: Electronic Rap Pad
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It s not necessary to remove the resistor from the board to replace it. Just clip one lead from the board, leaving enough lead near the board to still be able to solder to. See the bending diagram (refer to Figure 26-2) to target the correct resistor. Also see Appendix A for the generic resistor replacement circuit. Line-output circuitry is the same in all projects if not otherwise noted. See the line-output scheme in Appendix A and assume that the speaker in the diagram is the speaker in the project.
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After all the bent connections have been made, re-solder the battery compartment wires to their circuit locations. Load your batteries. There is no on/off switch just press a pad against the internal contact strip and the pad s sounds should start. Turn the new potentiometer to tune the pitch of the pad samples. While a sample is playing, try bridging the body-contacts with a finger. The pitch should change (this will be less obvious on slowed-down samples). If either the pot or body-contacts fail to function, trace your wiring to find the problem. If the pot speeds things up when you turn it down, it s wired in reverse. Simply rewire it by de-soldering the wire going to its outside lug and re-solder it to the other outside lug.
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With the contact strip in the correct position behind the four pads, align the front and back halves of the instrument. Check to be sure that none of your new wiring is in the way. Close the halves and replace the small screws.
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Slowed-down digital voices sound best with a little reverb and a bit of tone polishing using an equalizer. As with a didgeridoo, an aboriginal wind instrument, the bent Rap Pad is now a drone machine, and drones are a constant in world music. How you approach the drone in your own music is entirely up to you. You might want to use drones as backgrounds to lay other sounds on top of, or you might want to monumentalize drones as hypnotic foreground elements. Experiment!
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Project 14: Bent Book Strip
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ou wouldn t think that something so simple could be so cool! If you visit any charity store, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill, you re bound to find the heart of an exceptional experimental sound-field generator hiding behind cartoon faces over in the kid s book section. Where, exactly Right inside those sound strips that edge any number of electronic kid s books, full of cartoon noises and other digital sound effects waiting to be bent (see Figure 27-1). The book strip bend is one of the simplest in the project section. All you re doing is substituting a variable resistor for a fixed resistor on the circuit board, similar to the switch-out in the previous project. Nonetheless, as shown in Figure 27-2, this simple design can be worked up into a complex and, in fact, spellbinding instrument. More on the Dworkian register can be found in 11. It is only within a narrow range of their playback speed that the samples within these strips character voices, vehicle sounds, goofy noises are recognizable. Above and below the normal speed, these sounds take on new meanings. Sped-up sounds are now insect chatter and alien radio static. Slowed-down sounds become animal growls, earthquakes, and thunderstorms. Imagine the sound fields possible with four of these bent strips, sent through an equalizer, through reverb, and out to a surround set of four powered speakers (again, see the Dworkian Register shown in Figure 27-2 for an instrument designed to do this).
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