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In testing the bent SK-1, you ve already nearly reassembled it. Replace the remaining screws and hope that you don t have to reopen it someday to prove to airline security that it s only art. By the way, airline security always asks me if what I m carrying is dangerous. I look concerned and say, Well, sure, it s art. This gives me a chance to practice my licks while I m detained.
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Anyway, the bent SK-1 can produce everything from simple tonal changes to deep experimental passages. Personally, I enjoy the curtains of evolving musical noise that occur when several switch groups are used in combination. Samples as well as programmed voices can be mutated into these odd choirs of alien voices and instruments. Highly recommended here is charting! In early, non-normalized synthesizers, in which all the modules were connected by patch cords, the complexity of the patches often grew nearly incomprehensible. Trying to recreate the patch without something to go on would be impossible. The patch chart was born. Usually little more than a drawing of the synthesizer s face (modules and patch bays), inputs and outputs were connected by pencil on the patch chart in replication of the true patching on the synth. If you draw up a simplified representation of the bent SK-1 Aleatron, with all switches represented as boxes, you can check off and use circles to represent dials that you can draw pointers within, and you can then chart switch and dial positions to recreate an SK-1 Aleatron patch.
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Project 11: Mall Madness
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ere s a quickie. Mall Madness is a speaking game whose speech routines can be bent out of shape way out of shape with a couple of really easy bends. This project begins the final group of eight projects representative of the off-beat circuits abounding at the secondhand shops. These eight instruments begin simply enough, with a couple that require only a switch or two to function. They end with perhaps the most demanding project in this book, the Casio digital saxophone. Mall Madness is usually found as a boxed game, although from time to time the plastic centerpiece of the game containing the circuitry will be found separately (see Figure 24-1). My guess is that somewhere a new doll design didn t work out and someone thought, why waste the plastic The peachcolored but hard-lined circuit housing is very hard to miss.
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in this chapter
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Parts Open it up! Circuit at first glance Step-by-step bending Choosing a cool control layout Case considerations Marking the board Drilling holes Painting Control mounting Soldering Testing Reassembly Musicality
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Before you begin this project, be sure to have all these parts at hand. 1 Mall Madness game 2 miniature toggle switches Line-output array as desired (see Appendix A)
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Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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Bending Switches FIGURE 24-1: The Mall Madness Machine with top buttons removed
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Open It Up!
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Removing a few screws from the bottom of the housing exposes the circuit. Be prepared for the fact that both the speaker and the circuit board will be loose.
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Circuit at First Glance
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This time, all connections can be made on the top of the board, now staring you in the face. You have the choice of soldering to an IC pin or the lead of a capacitor (see Figure 24-2) for one of the bends, because an IC trace connects them all on the reverse side of the board.
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24 Project 11: Mall Madness
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FIGURE 24-2: Bending diagram for the Mall Madness Machine. Note that there are three alternate points, all capacitor leads, that the bottom bending switch can connect to in case you d rather not solder to the IC pin. Any of the four points works just the same.
Step-by-Step Bending
You ve gathered all the needed parts and you ve opened things up. You ve studied the diagram. Now, step by step, you ll complete the transformation. Here s how.