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Parts Open it up! Circuit at first glance Step-by-step bending Choosing a cool control layout Case considerations
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Before you begin this project, be sure to have all these parts at hand. 1 Casio SA-5 Keyboard 1 miniature N.O. (normally open) pushbutton switch 1 1M potentiometer (mini is best) 2 body-contacts Line-out array as desired (see Appendix A)
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Open It Up!
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The SA-5 opens exactly the same as the SA-2 described in the prior project. Take a look back if it s unfamiliar.
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Marking the board Drilling holes Painting
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Circuit at First Glance
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Although the circuit doesn t look much like the circuit of the SA-2 s, you ll bend it in primarily the same way (see Figure 19-2). One big difference, however, is that you ll need to do a little soldering to the large IC at the left of the board.
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Control mounting Soldering Testing Reassembly Musicality
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Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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Body-Contact Line Out Threshold Dial and Trigger
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FIGURE 19-1: The Casio SA-5 Aleatron
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1M Threshold
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Normally Open Trigger Chance Body-Contacts
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FIGURE 19-2: Bending diagram for the Casio SA-5 Aleatron
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19 Project 6: The Casio SA-5 Aleatron
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Step-by-Step Bending
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You ve gathered all the needed parts and you ve opened things up. You ve studied the diagram. Now, step by step, you ll complete the transformation. Here s how.
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Choosing a Cool Control Layout
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Unlike with the SA-2, you ll not find much room within the SA-5 to work with. There s the usual cramped space around the speaker where you ll again mount the RCA output jack. And there s the small strip of space to the right of the highest key on the keyboard. The other available space is the vast panel above the colorful pushbuttons, where you ll find more room than needed to mount your controls. Because the line output will be derived from the speaker terminals, it makes sense to locate the output jack nearby. Before deciding upon a control layout, look at your line-out options in Appendix A. You ll need to add an output jack of some type, and you have the options of installing a speaker cut-off switch and even an envelope LED (if the speaker signal will drive it; it may not be strong enough try various LEDs). If the line output is too strong, you ll want to include a trim pot in the scheme, also depicted in the drawing.
Case Considerations
As you plan your control locations, keep in mind that the higher up the back panel you mount your controls, the more likely the instrument is to tip backward as you use them. Mounting the controls low on the panel makes sense. When mounting controls on the panel above the colored buttons, you ll need to drill a hole to run your wires through into the inside of the instrument. To avoid drilling (or running wires) near the edge of the circuit board, I drill a small hole (1 8") in the wall just above the speaker and do my wire run right through it, past the speaker and on to the circuit.
Marking the Board
Following the bending diagram (refer to Figure 19-2), mark all locations you ll be soldering wires to (the wires that go to the IC connect to pins 6 and 8, counting over from the left). This time the two wires that go to the chance dial and trigger are soldered to the top wire on two arch-like components, making this connection a little easier than on the Casio SA-2.
Drilling Holes
Mark all hole locations with your pencil. Using a 1 8" drill bit, drill all your pilot holes. Open these holes to size with the hand reamer or, if the reamer s penetration is blocked, the careful use of a correctly sized burr bit mounted in your Dremel drill. Finish holes with your de-burrer.
Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
As with the SA-2, removal of the circuit board and speaker is easy. If you re intending to paint the instrument and want to keep the keyboard unpainted (or want to paint it differently), removal is mandatory. After the circuit and speaker are removed, the keyboard will lift out without a problem. Handle the keyboard with care. It s quite fragile.