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5.5 Discounting Factors
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The behavior of each of these sensors is strongly scenario-dependent, referring to: the quality of the acquired data; the reliability of each of the sensors under particular weather conditions, type of soil, etc.; the types of object under analysis.
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Improving Mine Recognition
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These are the reasons for including discounting factors [4,37,38] in the model. Discounting factors consist of three types of parameter: gij the confidence level of sensor j in its assessment when judging measure i (0 not confident at all, 1 completely confident); bij the level of importance of measure i of sensor j (1 low, bscale high, where bscale is the scale for b parameters); sj the deminer s confidence in the opinion of sensor j (1 low, sscale high, where sscale is the scale for s parameters). Discounting and combination do not commute, so it has to be pointed out when each of the discounting parameters is used. First, gij and bij /bscale are used to discount masses assigned by measure i of sensor j, and that is done for all measures of that sensor. Then we combine the measures per sensor. After that, the resulting masses are discounted using sij /sscale parameters, before combining the sensors. These factors modify masses assigned for each measure so that: 1. For any subset A = miIN A , as: and any measure i, new masses, mi A , are computed from the initial ones, mi A = miIN A 2. For the full set: mi = 1 1 miIN (17.32)
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where is replaced by either gij , bij /bscale or sij /sscale . The discounting factors are presented in detail in [35].
6. Region Association, Combination of Measures and Decision 6.1 Region Association
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At this point, one more problem arises, and that is how to associate the regions selected by IR, MD and GPR, since: typically, they all have different resolutions in the two directions; and IR provides separate images of the regions, while the other two provide one image containing all the regions. We propose a very simple solution, and that is to analyze the distances between the centers of the selected regions, or, to be more precise: the positions of the local maxima of the regions in the cases of GPR and MD; for IR, the coordinates of detected ellipses, or the coordinates of the center of gravity in the cases of regions with only a few pixels. The sensors are associated two by two, analyzing Euclidean distances between their centers and grouping the regions the distance of which is below some maximum allowed value. In the case where there is more than one region of one sensor close enough to some region of another sensor, the one with the smallest distance is chosen. Regarding the maximum allowed distance, it must be determined on the basis of the typically coarse resolutions of MD and GPR, so it must be quite loose. Note that, instead of analyzing the Euclidean distance, it is possible to differentiate the distance in the x-direction, with a higher tolerance due to a
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Region Association, Combination of Measures, Decision
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coarse resolution, and in the y-direction, where all three sensors have a good resolution. Still, our tests have shown that there is no difference in results. Taking into account that sensors are grouped two by two, it may happen that the results of association are ambiguous, i.e. that, for example, Region 3 of IR is grouped with Region 20 of GPR, that Region 3 of IR is grouped with Region 7 of MD, and that Region 20 of GPR is grouped with Region 5 of MD (and no IR region is grouped with them). Of course, this situation sounds perfect for testing possibilities of clustering sensors [39]. Unfortunately, in cases where there is no possibility of applying the method due to severe limitations of the MD data, the only remaining possibility is to analyze all the obtained groups, and after combination, see how to treat the results. In other cases (the same states if the mass assignment of GPR is unchanged), since the masses are assigned only to the friendly subset and the full set, there is no possibility of having a conflict with IR.
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