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[20] Jaoua, A., Ounalli, H. and Belkhiter, N. Automatic Entity Extraction From an N -ary Relation: Towards a General Law for Information Decomposition, International Journal of Information Science, 87(1 3), pp. 153 169, 1995. [21] B la d Ajroud, H., Jaoua, A. and Kaabi, S. Classes extraction from procedural programs, Information Sciences, 140(3 4) pp. 283 294, 2002. [22] Belaid, H. and Jaoua, A. Abstraction of objects by conceptual clustering, Journal of Information Sciences, 109, pp. 79 94, 1998. [23] A Text Mining System DIREC: Discovering Relationships between Keywords by Filtering, Extracting and Clustering, [24] Semi-Automatic Indexing of Multilingual Documents and Optimal Rectangle, cs/pdf/9902/9902022.pdf. [25] Natural Language Techniques and Text Mining Applications, [26] Tutorial: Text Analyst, [27] Mosaid, T., Hassan, F., Saleh, H. and Abdullah, F. Conceptual Text Mining: Application for Text Summarization, Senior Project, University of Qatar, January 2004.
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Cryptographic Communications With Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers
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Andr s Iglesias
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Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences, University of Cantabria, Avda. de los Castros, s/n, E-39005, Santander, Spain Web Service qr-codes generatorwith .net
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The world of digital communications has received much attention in the last few years. Extraordinary advances in both laser and semiconductor technologies have favored the development of new communication systems. However, it was the emergence of the Internet and the Web that created the largest impact on the telecommunication networks. Their open architecture has provided companies and users with promising opportunities for both e-commerce and e-services (e-banking, e-trading, e-training and others). However, these systems have also proved to be quite vulnerable and, consequently, new challenges must be faced. A crucial problem in all communication technologies is security. In this work, two different chaotic schemes for cryptographic communications with semiconductor lasers are described. Both approaches consist of an optical fiber communication network in which the transmitter and the receiver are both semiconductor lasers subjected to phase-conjugate feedback. The laser parameters are carefully chosen in such a way that the lasers exhibit a chaotic behavior, which is used to mask the message from the transmitter to the receiver. Thus, the laser parameters serve as the encryption key. In the first scheme, chaotic masking, the message is added to the chaotic output of the transmitter and then sent to the receiver, which synchronizes only with the chaotic component of the received signal. The message is recovered by a simple subtraction of the synchronized signal from the transmitted one. In the second scheme, chaotic switching, the information is binary and switches the transmitted signal between two different attractors associated with different chaotic receivers. Potential applications of these schemes, as well as their extraordinary advantages in comparison to other cryptographic schemes, are also discussed.
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