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57 their type hierarchy. Object identities are handled as special data types, but are marshaled in a similar way to complex data types. References to other remote objects are translated into ABSOLUTE OBJECT REFERENCES. Local objects containing many data elements used by the invoked remote object should not be referenced remotely, but marshaled by value, because querying the data in these objects remotely would likely require a number of subsequent remote invocations, wasting network bandwidth and degrading performance. A generic transport format is required to transport such a data type across the network. The serialization of a complex type can be done in several ways: The programming language might provide a generic, built-in facility for serialization. This is often the case in interpreted languages such as Java or .NET, which can use Reflection [Mae87, BMR+96] to introspect the type s structure. Tools can be used to generate serialization code directly from the INTERFACE DESCRIPTION, assuming that the structure of such types is expressed in the INTERFACE DESCRIPTION (for example structs in CORBA). Developers may have to provide serialization functionality. In this case, the developer usually has to implement a suitable interface that declares operations for serialization and deserialization. The concrete format of the data inside a byte stream depends on the distributed object middleware used. Everything is a byte stream when it is transported across the network. To represent complex data structures, it is advisable to use a structured format such as XML, CDR (CORBA s marshaling format), or ASN.1 (a marshaling format used mainly in telecommunications systems [Dub00]). The distributed object middleware might support a hook to let developers provide a custom MARSHALLER, to allow for the cases in which generic marshaling may be too complex or inefficient for marshaling complex data structure graphs. A generic marshaling format can never be optimal for all data structures or scenarios. Depending on the use case, some serialization formats are better than others. XML is humanreadable, but too inefficient with respect to bandwidth use for some
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Basic Remoting Patterns domains, such as the embedded systems domain. CDR is a binary format and standardized, which means many tools are available for its use. For real-time and embedded applications it is often optimized further. Other binary formats are either similar to CDR or specifically optimized for compactness, reliability, or other non-functional requirements. Exchanging a MARSHALLER is not necessarily transparent for the applications using the distributed object middleware. A custom MARSHALLER might, for instance, transport all attributes of an object, it might only transport the public ones, or it might just ignore those it cannot serialize, instead of throwing an exception. If the MASHALLER has to serialize and de-serialize complete objects, the Serializer [RSB+97] pattern describes generically how to stream objects into data structures efficiently. The MASHALLER uses Serializers for object parameters and results that have to be sent across the network in callby-value style.
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Interface Description
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Interface Description
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A client wants to invoke an operation of a remote object using a CLIENT PROXY. E E E The interfaces of a CLIENT PROXY and remote object need to be aligned to ensure that an INVOKER can properly dispatch invocations. To ensure that messages arrive properly at the INVOKER, marshaling and de-marshaling need to be aligned. Client developers need to be able to access the interfaces of the remote objects the client application may use. A CLIENT PROXY, used as a local representative of a remote object, needs to expose the same interface as provided by the remote object. The CLIENT PROXY is responsible for ensuring that the remote object is used correctly with regard to operations and their signature. On the server side, the INVOKER dispatches the operation invoked on the remote object. For static dispatch, the INVOKER has to know the operations and their signature before an invocation request arrives. In the case of dynamic dispatch, this information will be retrieved at run-time. To summarize, CLIENT PROXY and INVOKER have to work together to ensure that no violation of the remote object s interfaces occurs. Client developers and remote object developers should not have to deal with ensuring compliance of remote object interfaces or propagating them manually. Instead, the distributed object middleware should provide suitable means for automating these issues as much as feasible. In addition to these problems, the client and server application might be written in different programming languages. The two languages might expose different data types, operation types, invocation styles, and other interface elements. Developers should not have to deal with converting these elements from one language context to another. Therefore: Provide an INTERFACE DESCRIPTION in which you describe the interface of remote objects. The INTERFACE DESCRIPTION serves as the
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