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Message processing in Axis
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public class LogHandler extends BasicHandler { ... public void invoke(MessageContext msgContext) throws AxisFault { ... if (msgContext.getPastPivot() == false) { start = System.currentTimeMillis(); } else { logMessages(msgContext); } ... } private void logMessages(MessageContext msgContext) throws AxisFault { ... Message inMsg = msgContext.getRequestMessage(); Message outMsg = msgContext.getResponseMessage(); if (start != -1) { writer.println( "= " + Messages.getMessage("elapsed00", "" + (System.currentTimeMillis() - start))); } writer.println( "= " + Messages.getMessage("inMsg00", (inMsg == null "null" : inMsg.getSOAPPartAsString()))); writer.println( "= " + Messages.getMessage("outMsg00", (outMsg == null "null" : outMsg.getSOAPPartAsString()))); ... } public void onFault(MessageContext msgContext) { try { logMessages(msgContext); } catch (AxisFault axisFault) { ... } } ... }
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The class is used as an INVOCATION INTERCEPTOR in the request flow and response flow. Its invoke operation is invoked automatically whenever a message passes its position in a handler chain. In the request flow the class remembers the start time. In the response flow the class logs the message. It uses the INVOCATION CONTEXT to obtain the request message and the reply message. The previously-stored start time is used to calculate the processing time of the service, if available. Handler classes are used by specification in the deployment descriptor. For example, we can configure the logging handler:
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<handler name="logger" type="java:org.apache.axis.handlers.LogHandler"/>
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Web Services Technology Projection Now we can further compose handlers into chains:
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<chain name="myChain"/> <handler type="logger"/> <handler type="authentication"/> </chain>
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Either chains or individual handlers can be used in service descriptions. We can put the handler into the request flow, the response flow, or both, for example:
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<service name="DateService" provider="java:RPC"> ... <requestFlow> <handler type="myChain"/> </requestFlow> </service>
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Note that the order of handlers is important. The order is handled conceptually in Axis by ordering the chains in three parts: transport chain, global chain, and service chain. Chain and flow definitions are a way to define CONFIGURATION GROUPS for Axis Web Services, implemented by handlers. These configurations can be reused for different services. The INVOCATION INTERCEPTOR-based message processing architecture of Axis has a similar structure as the Adaptive Runtime Architecture (ART) [Vin02b]. An INVOCATION INTERCEPTOR-based message processing architecture has the advantage of being highly generic, flexible, and adaptive. Almost the identical architecture can be (re)used on both the client side and the server side, as explained above. The Web Service domain requires high flexibility in the invocation schemes used, providers, protocols, marshaling, and diverse add-on services. The flexibility of the Axis message processing architecture is not for free. The disadvantages of this highly flexible and reusable architecture are its complexity and its potential performance overhead. INVOCATION INTERCEPTOR-based architectures need not necessarily be slower than other BROKER architectures [Vin02b]. But an INVOCATION INTERCEPTOR mechanism that is not properly designed and implemented can easily lead to substantial performance degradation. Reasons for this are that interceptors require some additional indirections, dynamic lookups, and instantiations and destruction of interceptors. Some Web Services
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Message processing in Axis
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frameworks use a much simpler and less flexible message processing architecture for an example, see the discussion of GLUE on page 281. JAX-RPC handlers Sun s JAX-RPC API [Sun04b] supports a slightly different handler model than Axis, but can also be used with Axis. Axis, on the other hand, has a more flexible INVOCATION INTERCEPTOR architecture than JAX-RPC. However, over time it might be deprecated in favor of the JAX-RPC standard, as that provides portability across application servers. From the perspective of the pattern language both are similar. We therefore do not discuss the differences in detail, but only mention that JAX-RPC handlers have a slightly different interface:
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public interface Handler { boolean handleRequest(MessageContext ctx); boolean handleResponse(MessageContext ctx); boolean handleFault(MessageContext ctx); }
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This JAX-RPC handler interface is not compatible with the Axis handler interface, explained above. Axis enables you to use JAX-RPC handlers by using an Adapter [GHJV95] class JAXRPCHandler. This Adapter class has the responsibility of translating the Axis handler interface, which is expected by the Axis handler chain, into the interface provided by an JAX-RPC compliant handler. The concrete JAX-RPC handler to be used (in the example below, this it is called MyHandler) is given to the Adapter as a parameter in the XML deployment descriptor. The JAXRPCHandler instance in the handler chain then forwards invocations to the MyHandler instance:
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<requestFlow> <handler type="java:org.apache.axis.handlers.JAXRPCHandler"> <parameter name="scope" value="session"/> <parameter name="className" value="test.MyHandler"/> </handler> </requestFlow> <responseFlow> <handler type="java:org.apache.axis.handlers.JAXRPCHandler"> <parameter name="scope" value="session"/> <parameter name="className" value="test.MyHandler"/> </handler> </responseFlow>
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