POLL OBJECTS offer the benefit that the client application does not have in .NET

Incoporate qr barcode in .NET POLL OBJECTS offer the benefit that the client application does not have
POLL OBJECTS offer the benefit that the client application does not have
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to use an event-driven, completely asynchronous programming model, as is the case with RESULT CALLBACK, but can still make use of asynchrony. From an implementation perspective, the CLIENT REQUEST HANDLER typically marks the invocation with an Asynchronous Completion Token [SSRB00], sends the invocation, and associates the POLL OBJECT with the Asynchronous Completion Token. When the reply returns, the client-side distributed object middleware dispatches the result to the corresponding POLL OBJECT, on which the client polls. Using Asynchronous Completion Tokens requires the server application to return the Asynchronous Completion Token, contained in the request, in the reply. When using POLL OBJECTS, the client has to be changed slightly to do the polling. POLL OBJECTS either need to be generic, which typically requires programming language support, or they have to be specific to the remote object and its interface operations. In the latter case they are typically code-generated. More dynamic environments can use runtime means to create the types for POLL OBJECTS.
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Result Callback
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Result Callback
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The server application provides remote objects with operations that have return values and/or may return errors. The result of the invocation is handled asynchronously. E E E The client needs to be informed actively about results of asynchronously-invoked operations on a remote object. That is, if the result becomes available to the REQUESTOR, the client wants to be informed immediately, so that it can react on the availability of the result. In the meantime the client executes concurrently. Consider an image-processing example. A client posts images to a remote object, specifying how the images should be processed. When the remote object has finished processing the image, it is available for download and is displayed subsequently on the client. The result of the processing operation is the URL from which the image can be downloaded. A typical client may have several images to process at the same time, and processing will take different times for each image, depending on image size and the calculations to be performed. In such situations a client does not want to wait until an image has been processed before it submits the next. However, the client is interested in the result of the operation so that it can download the result promptly. Therefore: Provide a callback-based interface for remote invocations on the client. Upon an invocation, the client passes a RESULT CALLBACK object to the REQUESTOR. The invocation returns immediately after sending the invocation to the server. When the result is available, the distributed object middleware invokes a predefined operation on the RESULT CALLBACK object, passing it the result of the invocation.
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Process A 2) invoke Client 1) create Requestor 3) invoke 4) finished( result ) Callback Object
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Invocation Asynchrony Patterns
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Machine Boundary
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Server Process Invoker
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The client instantiates a callback object and invokes the operation on the REQUESTOR. When the result of the remote invocation returns, it is dispatched by the distributed object middleware to the callback object, calling a pre-defined callback method.
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E E E You can use the same or separate callback objects for each invocation of the same type. The correct callback object has to be identified somehow, however. There are different ways to implement this, although which works best depends on the application: When you want to use the same callback objects, you need an Asynchronous Completion Token [SSRB00] to associate the callback with the original invocation. An Asynchronous Completion Token contains information that identifies the callback object and the method responsible for handling the reply uniquely. In cases in which a separate callback object is used for each invocation, replies to requests do not need to be demultiplexed further among callback objects, so no Asynchronous Completion Token is necessary.
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RESULT CALLBACKS allow the client to react immediately to the results of asynchronous invocations. As in the case of POLL OBJECT, the server
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application has nothing to do with the specifics of result handling in the client. The use of RESULT CALLBACKS requires an event-driven application design, whereas POLL OBJECTS allow a synchronous programming model to be used. The RESULT CALLBACK pattern also incurs the liability that client code, namely the code doing the original asynchronous invocation and the code associated with the RESULT CALLBACK, is often executed concurrently in multiple thread contexts. The client code therefore needs to be prepared for that, for example when accessing shared resources. To dispatch replies to callback objects, the client side distributed object
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