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Case Studies
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may need newer servers with virtualization-assist hardware. Clearly, there are pros and cons both ways.
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Case Study Managed Service Provider: Virtualized Utility Services
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At a Glance
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Industry: Managed service provider virtualized utility services SAVVIS: Blades: Over 1,000 Egenera blades on over 40 BladeFrames Virtualization: VMware ESX on rack-mount servers Environment: Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, AIX on rack-mount servers Microsoft SQL clustering, Oracle RAC
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SAVVIS is a service provider focused on delivering managed services on a virtualized utility platform. SAVVIS serves more than 5,000 customers, with 25 data centers, 1,000 virtual servers, 1,400 virtual firewalls and load balancers, with more than 370 TB of virtualized storage and 21,000 managed network end points. Their business is to deliver managed IT services as an infrastructure (databases, middleware, web services), not applications.
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SAVVIS, with their virtualized utility services, offers infrastructure in virtual forms for less cost than physical forms. By avoiding additional hardware purchases (reducing both CapEx and its associated ongoing OpEx), they can deliver better-priced offerings to their customers.
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As they considered their move from traditional rack-mount servers in 2004, they were not interested in what they viewed as traditional blades, which they saw as a footprint-only improvement. Their interest was in the additional virtualization that Egenera offered, decoupling compute and memory resources from storage and networking.
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Part IV
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Evaluation Process
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Their litmus test consisted of three things in both the Linux and Windows environments. First was the ability of the management interface to integrate with their provisioning systems. Second was scalability and ease of management for large numbers of servers. Third was control and reporting capabilities. As a service provider, they needed to simplify and automate the process of translating an order into a physical instance, with full configuration management at every step.
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Their results were positive, and they have launched their utility service around blades with virtualization, virtualized switching, and virtualized storage.
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Their blade environment consists of more than 1,000 Egenera blades across 40 BladeFrames, fully populated with 24 blades per frame. Although they buy blades configured as requested by their customers, the profile most requested is the 2-processor, 8GB RAM blade. Operating systems include Windows and Linux, which communicate with 370TB of 3PAR SAN storage across their Cisco MDS fabric. In addition to blades, they run VMware on their traditional HP DL servers. They use a proprietary provisioning system, which interfaces with the provisioning functions in PAN Manager as well as 3PAR. There is some traditional clustering using Microsoft SQL clusters and Oracle RAC, as well as through PAN Manager failover and HA features.
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The benefit of their virtualized utility services model is flexibility and rapid response. Egenera s design of decoupling the processor and memory from everything else makes the hardware functions of the blade more fungible.
Lessons Learned
One of the big lessons SAVVIS learned was to be careful with the configuration-management process, including putting procedures in place to handle this new virtualized world, where there is no longer a one-to-one relationship between a box and the environment running on it. They advise new users to pay attention to management systems overall. Their experience is that building virtual machines and virtual environments is the easy part; the management and troubleshooting is harder.
Case Studies
With regard to power and cooling, they run fully populated frames without problems. (They do not run Egenera s CoolFrame.) They are working on operating as a green environment. Their last word of advice to users: Go to a service provider!
Case Study Large University in Australia
At a Glance
Industry: Large university in Australia (Over 50,000 students) Blades: 88 HP BladeCenter p-Class blades across 11 enclosures in 2 racks 40 Dell PowerEdge blades across 2 enclosures in test Virtualization: VMware ESX, VirtualCenter, VMotion Environment: Windows 2003 Server, Novell NetWare
This large university provides IT resources for both the academic and administrative areas of the university.