System Software Considerations in .NET

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System Software Considerations
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Actual performance improvements depend on the efficiency of the device firmware, as well as the efficiency of the hypervisor. In addition, the concept of sharing I/O devices, to the level that virtualization requires, even at the bus level, is either nonexistent or not used in the open systems world. However, work is being done to reduce I/O overhead in all virtualization solutions and work must be done at the I/O hardware and protocol levels to incorporate the concept of true device sharing.
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Hypervisors give the broadest flexibility of guest OS support if you need to run multiple concurrent operating systems. Some hosted architectures can also support multiple concurrent operating systems, and OS partitioning is limited to running multiple partitions of the native OS. Some partitioning implementations do fixed hardware partitioning, which gives excellent isolation of environments but can be inflexible when service spikes require dynamic resource allocation. Be sure that you understand how the partitioning is implemented. Hypervisor architectures were designed as a thin virtual machine manager and will require fewer CPU and memory resources than the standard hosted environment, which uses an unmodified native OS to manage the virtual environment. Some virtualization solutions have a hard-coded maximum number of virtual environments they support per physical server; others are limited by performance only. If you are planning to run on older blades, make sure that your virtualization vendor supports the processors.
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Management Tools
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As the server virtualization market matures, many of the management challenges will be overcome. However, if the virtualization solution you choose today does not include at least a basic set of management tools, your investment will soon become your burden. Regardless of whether you choose to implement virtualization, it is imperative that you understand what management tools are available for and compatible with your blade solution. When personal computers were first available, there was a proliferation of small, unmanaged systems. Can you imagine what the unbridled proliferation of blades and VMs would mean to your operations without proper management products and processes Like so many other technologies, comprehensive management software lags behind technology releases, and blades and virtualization are no exception.
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Part III
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Hardware, Facilities, and Software Considerations
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However, the delta between what is available and what is desired is fairly small. At press time, well-developed server and virtualization management suites exist, but many don t tie the two together and don t provide for automation. When dealing with thousands of virtual servers, automation is what keeps your OpEx from getting out of control. When evaluating management software, make sure that it has the ability to integrate with your blades and your virtual environment.
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Provisioning/Change Control
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One of the greatest benefits of blade systems is the ease of management over standard rack or stand-alone server environments. The higher density of blades combined with the ease of proliferation of virtual environments makes automated provisioning and change control essential to lowering operating expenses. Q What management tools are there for managing/provisioning/reprovisioning the blade systems you are implementing And management tools for VMs within the virtualized environment And tools for migrating physical environments to virtual environments (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V)
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Ease of provisioning and reprovisioning is a strong benefit for the management of both blade and virtual environments. Most vendors sell software to provide these functions at various levels. You need to know how their management software interfaces with your current management software, or if your current software has add-ons that will allow you to manage the blade and virtual environments much as you have been managing your server and rack environments.
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Does your management tool include a change-control capability that will track what versions and patch levels of which operating environment, application software, and so on you re using and where they are located
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If you are thinking of implementing one or two chassis with a total of 20 blades, you may not think configuration-control management of this environment is much of an issue. However, when you also consider that each of those blades could support several virtual environments (let s say five to be conservative), you now are managing 100 server environments. It doesn t take a great stretch of the imagination to see how quickly managing a growing virtual environment can get out of hand. Therefore, if you don t currently have change-control capabilities within your server management environment, you should consider acquiring them.
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