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Technology Evolution
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network and I/O speed. Cheaper is just that less expensive but hopefully not cheaper quality. Blade and virtualization technologies offer these benefits in a variety of ways that are discussed in detail throughout this book. Clearly, the advances in processor chips are allowing more processor power and memory to fit onto circuit boards with greater reliability, yielding bigger, better, faster, and cheaper processor equivalents. Add in the virtualization and software management that enables blades to work together as a unified system, with components provisioned as needed, and the concepts of bigger, better, faster, and cheaper take on a whole new dimension.
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In 1965 Intel s cofounder, Gordon Moore, predicted that the number of transistors on a chip (i.e., density) would double every 18 24 months. This prediction became known as Moore s Law, and has continued to bring processing-performance increases, and decreases in size as well as costs. This law has also been reflected in disk capacity and memory, which now take up less space on a motherboard or in a disk array. Back in the 1970s a single computer filled a room, whereas today we are able to carry a computer in our pocket. Computer memory in the 1970s was counted in bytes, whereas today our computers support terabytes of memory. The size reductions and increased density possible with blade technology come directly from the miniaturization of the components that make up the blade servers. Miniaturization has also had a significant effect on the software. The ability to put more memory and high-performance processors together has meant that software operating systems and programs can be more sophisticated. Most recently, server virtualization software has taken computing to a new level, to create multiple virtual servers where only one physical server used to be.
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Decentralization and Recentralization
Back when computers were room-sized and required large amounts of power and cooling, they lived in glass rooms with raised floors, in one central location. People were required to go to the computers (either physically or via terminals) rather than taking them along with them like we can do today. As computers got smaller and cheaper, they moved out into people s offices and to locations remote from company headquarters, placing the computing power closer to the user and giving the control (and, generally, the responsibility) to the user departments. As more computers left the management and control of the Management Information Systems (MIS) organization (as it was called at that time), the decentralization of IT management began. It quickly became apparent that while decentralization often gave users departments the ability to respond more quickly to business needs, it also created technical systems-management challenges that were often beyond the department s
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Evolution of Computing Technology
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ability, resources, and skill level. Thus began the cyclical process of decentralizing and recentralizing IT resources. This included the computers themselves, the systems and application development work, and the management of the hardware, software, and data. As the management of IT systems, networks, and storage has become increasingly complex, there has been a shift toward recentralizing much of the operational management of IT resources, regardless of where they are physically located. As organizations reap the benefits of both blades and virtualization software, the effects of this recentralization will increase.
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Eras of Evolution
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As poet and philosopher George Santayana put it, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. It is helpful, therefore, to start with a brief history of the eras of computing mainframes, PCs and workstations, client/server, the Internet, and now the consolidation era. We will then look at the promise of next-generation data centers, and whether they will deliver true utility computing enabled by blades and virtualization technologies.
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