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Generating QR-Code in .NET Part II
Part II
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A Closer Look
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In-Band versus Out-of-Band Management
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Two well-defined modes of management exist within the industry. These two modes are called in-band and out-of band; the difference is mainly in the path that the management takes to provide the monitoring and control of the managed system.
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In-Band Management
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In-band management is the traditional method of management, in which management access and processing is done by the host system. This means that management requests, functions, and responses are carried out by the operating system and over the data network on which the target system is located. This has the advantages that no additional hardware, network, or processing environment is required. One big disadvantage is that if the network or targeted platform is not operational, then no remote management will be available either. The other disadvantage is that if the intent is to measure performance or resource utilization, using in-band techniques will impact the results as the processing and network activity associated with the test will impact the measurement. It is also possible that in-band management could have a negative impact on the system itself, using resources that may already be over utilized.
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Out-of-Band Management
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Out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) management offers the ability to provide management functions using completely separate processes, networks, and hardware. Phone companies have used this tecnnique for years in their network management, providing a control plane within the infrastructure that is completely separate from the voice network. Blade systems provide some unique opportunities for creating management architectures using shared out-of-band processors and networks. Several different levels of out-of-band approaches are used in blades and other systems.
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Baseboard Management Controllers
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The least expensive approach is to use a baseboard management controller (BMC) a fairly low-cost controller that can generate various alerts and allows for system restarts when the operating system is hung. Within most blade chassis, blades include a NIC and share the data network for communicating between the blades and the management plane. However, the management interface has a different IP address and a separate path from the NIC, known as a sideband interface. The sideband interface communicates to the
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Managing Blade Systems
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BMC via a separate hardware path. This provides the ability to perform power-state management for each blade in the chassis. Via this interface, it is possible to turn on a powered-off blade. The BMC and the NIC can operate in what is called flea-power mode, allowing machines to be brought online and offline without physically having to go to the system.
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Management Service Processors (Management Modules)
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A more elaborate and capable approach taken by newer blade server systems is the use of a management service processor, also called a management module. A management module is a complete (shared) management system with its own separate management processor, its own memory, and its own NIC. The service processor in the management module communicates with service processors on each blade via its own internal bus. The management module can perform all of the functions listed previously under BMCs, as well as providing other capabilities and protocols such as IPMI (see the next section) and KVM switching (these functions vary by vendor and product). The management module stores all event and error information and is the focal point for any troubleshooting, monitoring or active management of components within the chassis. It is known externally by its IP address and is accessible via a web browser.
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Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
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Many systems today use capabilities defined in the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). This set of specifications, created by a consortium of platform vendors including Intel and Sun, provides a set of low-level protocols and data records used to provide out-of-band manageability and access to hardware management information via a set of in-band application programming interfaces (APIs). Aspx Crystal code 128b draweron visual
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