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Part II
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A Closer Look
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In discussing virtualization, a number of terms (that are often misused) are helpful to define. Although these are not exhaustive definitions, they will explain how these terms are used within the context of this book. Terminology, especially when talking about both physical and virtualized resources, can get quite muddled.
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When virtualization of physical resources involves combining multiple servers to act as one system, it is also known as aggregation. Clustering (discussed further in 9, Clustering and Blades ) is a way of aggregating systems. Some blade system vendors offer solutions that are specifically designed to aggregate blades and allow them to act as a single entity, with proprietary tools (for example, from Egenera and PANTA Systems) designed to help manage this process.
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Disaggregation/Server Virtualization
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Disaggregation of servers allows multiple independent instances of an operating environment to run on a single server (dividing one physical server into multiple virtual servers). This is the typical usage of the term server virtualization. This type of virtualization allows for the consolidation of multiple, underutilized, physical servers onto one server with higher system utilization reducing management overhead, floor space, power, and cooling requirements. Server virtualization can be implemented in a variety of ways, with pros and cons associated with each. Implementation approaches include emulation, paravirtualization, hypervisors, hosted approach and OS virtualization, which are described later in this chapter. For clarity, in this book, when referring to physical hosts, the term server will be used. When referring to virtual servers, the term virtual machine or VM will be used.
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Storage Virtualization
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Storage virtualization applies an abstraction to the storage systems within the enterprise and is often a key component used with blade systems. Virtualizing the storage allows virtual disks to be defined to components running on the server and separates the physical management and sometimes connection of those disks from the application software on the server. Storage virtualization can be implemented within the server (host-based), within the storage area
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network (network- or fabric-based), or within the storage subsystem (as with RAID arrays). These solutions may take an in-band approach, in which the device that does the virtualization is in the data path, or an out-of-band approach, in which the device that performs the virtualization is not in the data path.
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Network Virtualization
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As with other virtualization forms discussed, an abstraction layer is applied to the networking components to provide better service, availability, and security to the physical servers and their applications. Depending on the implementation, the virtualization layer can be placed in the network at the switch level, on the host within the networking hardware (NIC), or in software. For example, a VLAN creates a virtual network, abstracted from the physical network, that provides isolation and security. Network virtualization is often done within switches, at the different layers of the OSI stack, to create an abstraction of an IP address such that the sender may not know the actual IP address of the final destination. Common applications of network virtualization include load balancing, secure connection, and state monitoring and transparent failover.
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I/O Virtualization on Blades
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Blade vendors are taking virtualization to the next step to make managing the blade environment simpler. The basis of blade I/O virtualization is similar to network virtualization; it abstracts the I/O interface away from the blade. For example, Egenera virtualizes I/O such that processor blades (pBlades) consist of processors and memory only and have no I/O adapters (such as NICs or HBAs). All the I/O interfaces are located on the control blades (cBlades), and shared virtually by the pBlades. This allows the processor blades to be stateless and easily interchangeable. HP offers a software example, in which even though the I/O adapters (that is, HBAs) are on the individual blades, they share a virtual pool of worldwide names, simplifying software configuration management.
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