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Longhorn Code name used by Microsoft for the major release of Windows Server scheduled for 2007. Includes the base code for the Windows virtualization hypervisor, code-named Viridian (aka Windows Server Virtualization), which is scheduled for within 180 days of Longhorn s general availability (GA) release. LUN A Logical Unit Number is the address of a device, or a virtual partition of a RAID group. MAC A Media Access Control address is the six-byte unique identifier for each network card or device in an Ethernet network Mac Macintosh computer made by Apple. MAN Metro area network is a group of computers located within a metropolitan area and connected together to share data/information. management module Redundant hardware components within the blade chassis that communicate with every other component within the chassis to provide management functions, including power on and reboot. MB A megabyte is roughly 1 million bytes (8 bits per byte) and is usually used to describe storage or memory capacities. Mb A megabit is roughly 1 million bits (a 1 or a 0) and is usually used when describing throughput rates, as in megabits per second (Mbps). MBps Megabytes per second is used to describe the millions of bytes that can be moved across a communication link (such as Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and so on) in one second. Mbps Megabits per second is used to describe the millions of bits that can be moved across a communication link (such as Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and so on) in one second. mezzanine card Also know as a daughter card, a mezzanine card is a special-purpose card that attaches to (and sits on top of) a processor board, blade, or motherboard. Examples of mezzanine cards include network cards, high-end graphics cards, HBAs, and HCAs. MHz Megahertz (Hz) is an SI (International System of Units) unit for frequency one cycle per second. Megahertz are 1 million hertz. midplane A midplane is a circuit board that sits in the middle of a chassis that other circuit boards plug into, both from the front and the back. They are referred to as either active or passive. An active midplane performs some level of processing of the signals that go through it. A passive midplane performs no processing of the signals that go through it.
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mirror To duplicate, usually for redundancy in case of a failure. Mirroring is usually used in conjunction with disk RAID levels. MPI Message Passing Interface is the de facto standard communications protocol for transmitting information between nodes running parallel programs. MTBF Mean time between failure is the average amount of time between failures on a device. Used as a measure of reliability. multicore A chip in which multiple processing units (cores) are combined to fit into a single chip socket to deliver additional computing power in the same footprint. This may involve slowing down the clock speed of the chip (in GHz), which results in cooler operation. Myrinet Proprietary high-speed LAN communications technology for clustered computers. Developed and sold by Myricom. N-port A network port is used to connect a node to a Fibre Channel switch. NAS Network attached storage allows systems to access and share files over an IP network using the CIFS protocol for Microsoft Windows and NFS for UNIX and Linux protocols. NAS devices contain disks (usually RAID disks), and a very thin server that specializes in maintaining file systems intelligence and fast access to data at the file level. NFS Network File System is a UDP- or TCP/IP-based protocol for accessing files on a remote system (or NAS storage device) as if they were local files. Most often used with UNIX or Linux. NIC A network interface card is the component that connects a server to a network. Typically, blade servers come standard with redundant 1Gb Ethernet NICs. These can be upgraded to 10GbE and can have a TCP Offload Engine (TOE) option for improving the speed of communicating with high-speed LANs or iSCSI SANs. onboard storage One or more disk drives on a blade. one-way Single processor on a blade. OpEx Operating expenses are expenses incurred for ongoing operations and maintenance, excluding capital expenses (CapEx). This includes salaries, ongoing facilities costs such as power and cooling, and equipment maintenance. OS An operating system (aka system software) is the underlying software on all computers that manages the system resources on a computer for example, the processors, memory, graphics, and so on.
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