A Look into the Future in .NET

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A Look into the Future
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move functions currently performed by software down onto the chip, reducing overhead and making hypervisor virtualization significantly more efficient. This has the added benefit of making the hypervisor software much less complex. An example of this is support for nested-page tables for smooth transitions between the hypervisor and virtual machine guest operating systems. Rather than the software having to manage page tables, the processor can do this more efficiently. These advancements from the chip vendors will cause a ripple in the rest of the blade and virtualization markets. Processor improvements will force memory, blade, and I/O vendors to focus on providing balanced architectures with faster I/O bandwidth. In addition, all of these vendors will have to keep an eye toward power improvements, which will also reduce cooling requirements.
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Blade vendors will be looking to their memory suppliers for larger amounts of memory to keep these multicore processors fed with data. The memory market, for quite a few years, has been driven only by economics, with everdecreasing costs for memory. As power and cooling (and the costs for that energy) increase, it will be interesting to see how memory vendors respond to these new demands for balanced performance per watt. Over the next few years, watch for a transition from DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2) memory to the next generation, DDR3. How that transition will take place and exactly what it will look like are not yet clear.
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With CPU bandwidths and memory sizes increasing, attention also must be paid to data paths. For example, AMD plans to double data-path bandwidth over the next few years. In addition, blades and virtualization are creating a shared disk environment that was never designed to be shared. This will force a change in the way both operating systems and the hypervisors handle disk I/O (for example, a change in protocols and drivers to allow disk to be shared nicely), as well as the way storage vendors build their disk subsystems. Enhancements in virtualized I/O will continue to improve the way blade systems share common components. Watch for changes in PCI Express as well. There is no doubt that the combination of blades and virtualization technologies will stress all the system components as well as the management capabilities. In the past when this has happened, technological breakthroughs have been found. It will be exciting to watch as server virtualization consolidates workloads and increases utilization, while processors, memory, and I/O race to keep up.
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Part IV
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Power and Cooling
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Power and cooling will continue to drive changes at the chip level as well as at the blade and chassis level, creating more efficiency in both power and cooling. In terms of mass movement, although liquid provides a far better cooling medium than air (think of the differences between an old VW bug and a Porsche) the economics of liquid cooling will continue to be a deterrent to many. Liquid cooling at the chip level may appear in niche products.
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Like the component vendors, the blade system vendors will be looking to deliver bigger, better, faster, and cheaper solutions. It is unlikely, however, that there will be cross-vendor interoperability between blades or chassis any time soon. The only chassis standard that exists in this space is the AdvancedTCA standard used in the telco market. There just hasn t been the pressure from customers to create an interoperable chassis. Chassis and blade management will continue to evolve, with vendors leapfrogging each other with new functionality, similar to some of the newer power and cooling monitoring and management capabilities.
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Virtualization and Management
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With advances in server virtualization including hardware assists, and both open source and Microsoft entries in the hypervisor space, the virtualization landscape is changing. As server virtualization gains significant traction as a result of this change, expect to see rapid changes in both the virtualization technology and the software infrastructure for managing virtual environments. At press time, the industry leader in server virtualization is VMware, with Virtual Infrastructure 3. There are two primary reasons for this. The first is that they were clever enough to create a hypervisor for the x86 architecture (that could run unmodified guest operating systems) before there were virtualization hardware assists. The second and more compelling reason is that they have also developed sophisticated management tools for managing the virtual environment. The next few years will see other virtualization vendors, as well as traditional management vendors, scrambling to catch up to and surpass VMware s management functionality. There will continue to be enhancements in virtualization software products, but the real battleground will be in the management. In addition, management software that spans individual virtualization approaches (and manages virtualization software from multiple vendors) will become a key part of the competitive landscape.
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