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When they first put GSX into production, VirtualCenter was not yet available for managing the environment. Three or four months later we bought it and it s been great! Today this company runs nearly all their applications (except for the I/O-intensive applications) in a virtual environment using VMware s GSX with 9 or 10 virtual servers per physical server. Some of the applications running virtual include Citrix, their Blackberry Enterprise Server, and many of their in-house applications. They also have a few applications, such as SQL Server 2000, running partly on virtual and partly on physical servers. They have started a second evaluation as they look to upgrade to VMware s ESX Server. They are also looking at Microsoft s Virtual Server. They like it but say it looks like VMware s management is about four years ahead of Microsoft right now. As a large Microsoft shop, they would like to have their virtualization management interface tie into MOM. They are also looking at the granularity of system control available with both. They would like to run 12 15 virtual servers per physical servers in production. Finally, when virtual servers need to be moved due to spikes in activity, this is done manually or with specialized scripts today. They are hoping to automate this movement with VMotion, which is not supported with VMware s GSX release or with Virtual Server. As to their opinions on PowerConnect, they say, PlateSpin is awesome; we couldn t have done it without them. They talk to their customers and actually incorporate needed features. They are our standard now. In some instances, the company has moved an application to a virtual server and found out the virtual environment is not a good fit. What other tool would enable you to easily move the application back to the physical environment
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Case Studies
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The company currently supports over 150 virtual servers on 12 physical servers. Utilization across the GSX virtual environment is over 60% and moving to 70 75% but no more than 80%. They say, Applications have spike times this is where the extra headroom comes in. The organization has seen financial benefits through cost avoidance; instead of paying roughly $9,000 for a physical server, they have an equivalent virtual server for about $5,000, for a savings of $4,000/server. That, multiplied by the 150 virtual servers currently supported, comes to a $600,000 savings. They are working on getting the virtual server cost down to $3,000 per server, for a savings of $900,000. Several years ago pharmaceutical companies hit some hard times, and this company was forced to lay off 70% of the workforce, reducing the Production Services group from 250 people to 70. Since that time, the group has not hired any additional help but they have continued to manage many more virtual servers and a few more physical servers. An added benefit they received with the PlateSpin solution was the ability to create a snapshot of the entire server environment, which is now part of their disaster-recovery plan.
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Lessons Learned
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One of the biggest lessons/battles the group had to overcome was when they recentralized their systems back into the data center: This was, culturally, a very difficult move, but now the departments can focus on their work rather than administering their distributed systems. They also recommend that you really know your systems what hardware configurations do and don t work with your applications, how much memory each application requires, and so on. They advise that you monitor the application and systems requirements and interdependencies before moving to virtual. When it s time to migrate to virtual environments, use P2V, V2V, and V2P tools to streamline the migration process: You can t possibly move as many applications/server as we have from physical to virtual without P2V tools, like PlateSpin PowerConvert. Finally, they add, Once you get your applications into a virtual environment, understand that the applications may behave differently than in a physical environment. That s where the V2P tool is priceless have a good back-out plan! When asked if there was any advice they could offer to those just starting down the virtualization path, the response was, If you are not doing it already, you are behind get on the ball!
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