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The company decided on VMware s ESX solution and uses it in combination with the PlateSpin tools. They have converted 15 physical servers to virtual, which is a big deal for us. These included moving a couple of old tape backup machines and an old domain server to virtual, as well as upgrading and moving their Active Directory system and their Exchange Server. We simply drag and
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Part IV
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drop a standard image with PlateSpin. We use VirtualCenter to deploy base images and instead of deploying hardware machines, we deploy a virtual machine.
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Virtualization has been in production for about a year; however, it s not used to support their mission-critical applications yet. They say, Virtualization has been working well for us; it s very stable. This company also has an HP BladeSystem that is used to support their Citrix desktop environment. They have plans in 2007 to purchase more HP BladeSystems and implement virtualization on them as part of their consolidation efforts.
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They were able to remove 15 physical servers from their data-center floor using VMware s ESX and PlateSpin solutions. This combination takes the worry and much of the cost (OpEx) out of maintaining legacy services within the environment. They say, The combination of virtualization and migration technologies has simplified these operations. Before using PlateSpin, transitioning an application to another server would take weeks; now it only takes (depending on the size of the storage) two to three hours to migrate a system.
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Lessons Learned
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This IT group says they are less interested in hardware and more interested in the services. They don t want to deal with provisioning a physical server.
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Case Study Pharmaceutical Company
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At a Glance
Industry: Pharmaceutical Blades: None currently Virtualization: VMware GSX (Server) PlateSpin PowerConvert migration software Environment: Four-processor HP servers Stratus for high availability Microsoft Windows
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Case Studies
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This pharmaceutical company, founded by physicians, is dedicated to finding, developing, and bringing to market new medicines and related products that promote health and healing. The company has long been focused on pioneering research to address persistent pain. They have used virtualization in their data center for more than six years.
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This company, like all pharmaceutical companies, is highly regulated. Due to the regulations, the company is required to maintain legacy environments with the ability to re-create results. In an environment where every application has its own server, they were running out of floor space. In addition, filling their floor with computers running at sub-5% utilization wasn t good for business.
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In 2000, in an attempt to better manage all their legacy systems, the Production Services group of this company evaluated virtualization software, as there were no blade solutions at that time.
When they started their evaluation, there were not many options. They tested VMware s GSX and looked at Connectrix before Microsoft purchased them, but as a pharmaceutical company their support requirements were stringent. They tested HP and Stratus systems at the same time. Their list of test criteria included the following:
Hardware/system reliability; they cannot put 5 or 10 of their production applications on a system that is prone to crashes Price points Decent I/O performance for the virtual servers Support for at least 15 virtual machines per physical server The ability to quickly move their applications from a physical server to a virtual server Ease of management within a Windows environment (they use MOM extensively)
Part IV
The company went with HP servers for their non mission-critical applications and Stratus for their mission-critical servers. For their virtual environment, they found that the combination of VMware s GSX (now called Virtual Server) and PlateSpin s Power P2V (now called PowerConvert) met their needs very well. VMware s GSX provided the ability to run, during their tests, 15 18 virtual servers per system with reasonable I/O performance. PlateSpin s PowerConvert, with the ability to move a physical environment over to a virtual environment with a simple point and click (actual elapsed time was several hours) made the migration to virtual a trivial task. For their legacy applications, with PowerConvert they have been able to create a library of system images to recall into either a physical or virtual environment again, within one or two hours (depending on the size of the image).